Another 3D printable face mask

There’s another 3D printable face mask (not shield) design available. This one uses material cut from vacuum cleaner HEPA bags for the filtration part.

You can find it here:


I applaud people’s efforts but I don’t think many understand the size of a virus. COVID-19 would just laugh at a HEPA filter.

The virus isn’t airborne, it attaches to respiratory particles from coughs or sneezing, which are much larger.

The masks can prevent spread from infected patients, and prevent healthcare workers from breathing those respiratory particles. They are not 100% efficient but 95% is better than 0.

The WHO and CDC seem to think they are beneficial.


Yes, I agree everything is better than nothing unless it gives a confidence that should not be. Simple distance is our best weapon right now.

Difficult for HealthCare Professionals.

My Makerspace had a call from the local hospitals to make similar masks. They’re also using HEPA filter paper. CT has such a short supply of N95 masks that they’ve developed a reuse protocol where the mask is used multiple times for a patient/provider combo & stored in plastic bags between visits by that provider to the patient it was used for.

They’re really looking for alternatives in the short-term while the manufacturers ramp up new lines.


Yes, sorry, my posting was intended to supply/support HCPs and not for general public. Should have made that clear.


I’ve also read that vacuum cleaner bag material works very well for mask filters…I think comfort was the only issue with using that over something else.

One of the required staff learning modules I had to take in one of the hospitals I’ve worked at had a slide in it that honest to God said, “to keep from getting sick, avoid being around sick people.”

I am not making this up.

And then there was the one on “integrity” that was full of Disney character images.



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