Another Grab Bag of Stuff Made Recently


Flask wrapped in leather, still need to stain the leather.

Award for a local upcoming competition, cherry wood with a cutout and green acrylic behind it, oh and a custom stand to hold it up.

Half of a lularoe sign


Hahaha, I don’t partake myself, but if people want awards who am I to judge?


I’m also out of likes. I really like the fluorescent in the wood on that fantastic trophy.
Your flask wrap is excellent, as well.
I love spiderwebs - my mother is a champion of spiders and anything not clearly a black widow was not to be killed by any of her children. I kill them if they are in my house because I’m the mom, now… but she used to show us the beauty that nature mixes architecture and art in a skilled spider.
Good work.


What did you end up figuring out for your acrylic questions that you had?


Like that flask - very seasonal.


Picked different colors from different vendors. Was way more expensive, especially for the fuschia color, that one square cost as much as pretty much every other square combined, but only inventables had it and capitalism is a cruel mistress.


Wondering about the Cannalypics. I’m an East Coaster and it’s still in the closet. What are the events? Do the participants get high and then try to do multiplication tables? Are you judged on how well you roll your own? Size, tightness, aesthetics? Do they judge the quality of different blends and once every 15 minutes have to rotate the judges?


From what I’ve seen, pretty close. Everyone smokes a specific amount and then competes in various events. Those range from roll your own, memory tests, dexterity tests, etc. I imagine whoever came up with it was quite high at the time.


They should challenge people to make something useful out of hemp.




I tried it once but didn’t inhale



Joints aren’t useful?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My husband would beg to disagree. #legalColorado


These are three beautiful products–your color coordination for the LLR sign is beautiful, the flask looks totally professional, and the trophy is one that any stoner would be proud to have.


Well Done. Both are fine art.
Residing in Colorado, I’m not an outlaw anymore - But I am Old School :grimacing:.

Back to your projects… the stand accentuating the leaf is ‘bingo’. (the word ‘Dope’ doesn’t work there somehow). :roll_eyes:


Not to go telling (too much) about a beautiful woman and her feather pillow, but I have discovered under dire circumstances that Cannabis is one of the best Asthma rescues available, and better than what is now available by prescription, even as nothing else is now available without a prescription.


Just ask arms and legs about joints.


Of all the joints in all the towns in all the world… I had to post in this one… :sunglasses:


It makes good paper. (Which I suppose one could then use to roll some joints.)


I thought the “half of a lularoe sign” was the caption for the cannalympics plaque and was super confused for a moment there. Was just about to e-mail my leggings supplier to see what she’s holding out on me. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see the full sign!


Stained the flask, came out a bit splotchy. #firstleatherthing