Another SVG Library


I have large number of svg files from the things I’ve made sat on my google drive. My blog is now terribly unweildy with 1100 laser cut items displayed upon it so I figure I might as well open up the back end and let people access my files directly.

My Google Drive Folder of Artwork

Here are a few particular items of note, don’t forget you can find more information about each file by digging around the blog a little.


IMG_6149 (Custom)

IMG_4513 (Custom)

Stronger plywood box design
Fish and Bird Puzzle
Just for Fun: SnakeBox Toy
Laser Fractal Puzzle

Thanks for posting your SVG Folder.

Look forward to playing with things to understand them better.


You are more than generous in doing that. and a big thanks.


Your generosity is awesome, and your designs are a great inspiration!


Holy smokes, that is incredibly generous! I can’t think of anybody whose folder of laser artwork I’d rather have access to. Please add my name to those willing to help you test your designs on a Glowforge.

Thank you!


Actually it’s only a fraction of my library, at my last check I had 4000 svg files of designs and parts bundled into a folder on my hard drive (and networked backed of course). The trouble is that most of them aren’t in a fit state to share because only I understand my workings :slight_smile:


Holy buckets! What a treasure trove of goodies!

Bless you!!


That’s very generous of you. Thanks so much!


Oh, wow. This is going to keep us all busy for a while!


Gotta Say … WOW and THANKS. :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses:


Thank you so very much!!

I especially love the photo of the kids! They’re adorable!


Thank you, sir! :squeeee:


WOW!! Thanks for sharing!! :+1:


That’s a very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! Very generous of you. You just gave a lot of aspiring makers a leg up! :sunglasses:


i’ll echo all the thanks for your generosity. * bow *


Thanks so much, @m_raynsford. I have admired your work since I joined this forum.
You are fantastic for sharing this gold mine.
You are generous and kind.


Thank you so much @m_raynsford! This is like Clinton opening up GPS!


Omigosh! This is exciting! Thank you so much for your generosity. It’s like opening many gifts at once.


WOW! What a treasure trove! Thank you so much!