Another Topographical Map

Did a quick search and didn’t see this one posted. I like the process breakdown in this one. It helps me when people record their trial and error.


I have this bathymetry map of the Monterey Bay hanging in our living room/dining room:


Wow, thank you for sharing!! Amazing project, I seriously love the combination of 3D topography with all the details of a historical map. And the process for the water…just stunning, all of it :heart_eyes: I can see something veeeery similar showing up in my house shortly after the glowforge arrives…


I actually love the style of this. Reminds me of the details on the fabric map that came with one of my favorite games growing up. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find a good high res scan of it.


Ultima, I feel old. Worked that Apple II hard playing that game.


Ultima Online was my first entry to the series. Just before 2000 when my my brother and I begged our parents to switch from dial up to cable internet


I love those topo maps. I just cut one out last night of North Manitou Island. I have all the pieces and will be assembling them tonight. I will post pics as I go. Hoping it turns out as nice as the ones you all have posted.


My All-Time Favorite Game Series. I was actually thinking of making a map like these. I will have to go through my boxes I may also have the cloth map for Ultima Online. I have all of the games. :wink: They are the BEST!


If you have the Ultima Online map I would be very very willing to get a high res scan from you!


IIt’s not completely finished, but I wanted to share my first map with everyone. It’s a topo map of North Manitou Island in northern Michigan. I still have to cut the blue piece and etch the name and compass into it.


This is beautiful. I love the watery effect of the grain in the background piece, and how sculptural the landscape pieces are. For me, it works as not only as a map, but as an abstract sculpture.


@Dunfee - Sorry to say that I looked through my stuff and I don’t have any of the maps for the Ultima Online Games. Just the games themselves. I will for sure let you know if I come across one or get a scan of one. :slight_smile:


I really think laser cut maps are in my future, it is just the thing for someone who grew up loving maps and it is an underdeveloped market.


It is until December.


Probably after as well. Good map reliefs using a laser (or any other tool really) are not simple. Lot of work going into a good map.


I think you are dead on, the laser is just a tool, software is just a tool. So many directions one could go with maps. So much potential coolness that it would be a hard market to saturate. Like all art if it looks right people will pay for it. Just don’t expect to have your first try look good enough to sell. Or your second for that matter unless you are very gifted. My knife sharpener handles are finally looking pretty good but you should see the box off culls.


Awh what a shame! The hunt continues!

I have downloaded the QGIS and a few other things. It’s a challenge. As in, what the heck does all this stuff do? It’s definitely “uncharted” territory for me. I guess getting the workflow down to do topos from the source will pay off in the long run if you want to do many places. One offs are a different story.


QGIS is ok (it’s primary benefit is that it’s free), but picking up a full-blown GIS package from scratch is a big undertaking unless you already have a background in GIS.

I’ve taught GIS to middle & high school educators since 2003 as well as online and in-person at the University of Denver. My advice is to start slow (there are tons of youtube tutorials out there and some of them are even good), and add skills/tasks one-by-one.

Have fun!


The hardest part of the whole project was figuring out the software and how to download it.

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