Any Sculptors out there in Glowland?



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I’m a polymer clay artist (ok, I confess that’s not my day job and probably never will be, but let me dream)… I don’t sculpt with it, but instead do “cane” work and cover pretty little boxes and/or glass thingies that I make into lamps (

One of my Polymer Clay Heroes is Jon Stuart Anderson . He sculpts, using armatures (aka sculpture skeletons to hold the shape) and covers his pieces in gorgeous polymer clay cane slices.[below are pix of his work]

I’m wondering if any Glowfolk are sculptors, and if so, are thinking about using Fusion360 Slicing capabilities to make armatures? It’s one of those “I’ll try that someday” kinda things for me.


holy guacamole! those canes are amazing.:astonished:


Not quite your typical sculpture here but yes, I use support armatures with shaping material like foam or clay to build composite parts. :slight_smile:


That is totally mind-boggling! That top-shot is unbelievable. :smile:


Does sculpting cake, rice rice krispie and modeling chocolate count?


WOW! very cool - do you think you’ll build armatures w/GF? or, are your projects too big?



oh, yes! those are absolutely beautiful. I feel guilty wanting to eat them.


Awww thanks! I just tell them - eat away and order another one! hahahah


I sculpt – polymer clay, a few small bronzes, and then digitally with ZBrush for 3D Printing. Mostly my armatures are armature wire or the occasional coat hanger :relaxed:


Beautiful little lizards!


Those are great!


what great work… I’m always so inspired by Glowfolk. I love the skulls. They look like something brought back by archeologists on a monster planet somewhere. cool. :+1:


Whoa, are those yours? Did you bring enough for everyone on the forums?


Haha! Yes - I made those. I told Dan a while back that if he decides to have an Open House again I would bring that wine bottle cake for everyone!


I love the little skulls! They look like great desk pieces, except that then my co workers might get concerned…


Yes. I would call your art sculpting. Very nice work


Oh, you’re out there… Hoping you’d be on this coast… Oh with your name, do you work at starbucks?


The Fancy Cake Conventions are always out your side of the coast! Maybe we’ll have a get together and eat cake when I attend one of those!

Starbucks is my cat - he is named after my addiction to Starbucks Coffee (I’m pretty sure I should have the Platinum Card with the amount of $$$ I spend there) LOL


Wow, your designs are stunning!


Thank you! I am really excited about the many ways that this tool is going to help me improve :grin: