Slicer for F360 - Tested on a GF

There have been quite a few discussions about Autodesk’s Slicer for F360, so I thought I would run a little experiment. I loaded one of their sample shapes, reduced the number of cuts and the size so that it would fit on a single sheet of cardboard, and told it how thick the material was (0.060"). It popped out a PDF that loaded fine in the GFUI. 3 minutes and 14 seconds later…

So, it works…

slicer test plan.pdf (77.8 KB)


Thanks for giving it a test for us I know allot of threads have come up with people concerned


Holy cow, you have no idea how exciting this is to me! So many ideas for this program when it came out, now that I know it works I’m going to have to finish a lot of this models! Thanks for doing this and sharing!!!


Nice! Thank you for taking the time.


Congratulations on being first to publish. I’ve been playing with it but did not think that I had anything post worthy. From what I can see it is going to be awesome.


Dude, stop giving me ideas. I have to go to bed… I keep trying to walk away from this thing…


It’s damned addictive is what it is. :smiling_imp:


I’m gonna go so broke buying materials…


Out of likes, so I’ll just join you in the welfare line…


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Wow. I use F360 for 3D printing…but hadn’t figured out how to use this knowledge with my GF yet.

Well, there goes the afternoon…



I made a project in fusion360 which was sent to 123Dmake a while back, which is basically the same thing. It was before I had the glowforge, so it was done on my other laser.

I made a couple of things here, a solid helmet skeleton made of foamcore cut out of 32 sheets, and a scaffold to support the visor of the helmet which was also modeled in fusion afterwards and sheeted out in 123Dmake

Heres a link if youd like to see the process I went through:

I hope theyve fixed the wandering hole issue in the fusion release.


I think of all the time I have spent in the past drawing things like this :scream: This is the main reason I am learning Fusion! Very exciting!!! thanks for sharing


well said - learning this is at the top of my to-do list !


That helmet is amazing!

Re: the black foam core you used, Sharpie makes silver markers that will show up wonderfully on black material if you find yourself using it again. They work awesome, and unlike the white paint markers I have tried, the silver Sharpies do not clog up nor do they need shaking/mixing or pounding the tip onto a surface to prime color into them.

I hand-sculpt a lot of things from foam and industrial styling clay for composite parts, and this is going to make life much nicer and help keep these parts a bit neater and cleaner.


Thanks man!

I happened to have a red sharpie which was visible enough to make it through the process, but in the future I definitely plan to just engrave right on the pieces. It got a bit messy towards the end with getting a few layers mixed up and I spent a couple of hours trying to make sure they were the correct pieces and having to unglue and shuffle the layers around. Good thing I used rubber cement =).

Id love to see some of your work. Do you have a gallery online anywhere?


Most everything I’ve done the last 5 years is going into my electric car project. I have photos in a public album on my facebook page but I havent even kept that current. I’ve been wanting to make a public page for the car and just dump everything there, just havent done it because the task of organizing 1,000+ photos sounds boring. LOL.

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Very nice test! Thanks!
So if it were to take up 10 sheets, would it simply generate 10 separate files?

It would generate a 10-page PDF. The GFUI doesn’t deal with pagination at present, but it’s easy to break a PDF into separate files.


This is great to know. I have a few consepts that will be a lot easier with a tool like this. Thanks!