Anyone else's air filter order disappear from purchase history?

Up until recently, my air filter order showed-up in my account page with an expected June delivery (or delivery notification). Now, I can’t seem to find any mention of my filter order anywhere within my account. Has anyone else had this happen or can you point me to where in the website the filter orders are hidden?

To add to the mystery:

Referrals from two individuals who used my link during the crowdfunding campaign stopped showing up in my referral page about a year ago. I suspected that they had simply canceled there order due to the repeated delays. Now, unexpectedly, they showed up on my referral again page with a status of “Not yet shipped”.


Mine is still there, but the date has moved again. Aug 30 at this point.

Mine is also here and still on July 28.

Can any of you tell me which page on the website you saw your order on? Just in case I’m looking in the wrong place. :thinking:

This is what my Purchase History Page looks like now (which looks different than before).

Yeah. My referral shows one. That person disappeared more than a year ago. Doubt they re-ordered with my code.

FWIW, the air filter still shows in my purchase history. So it seems whatever funkiness is affecting your account isn’t affecting them all.

Yeah, something is definitely wonky. For comparison, here what my Purchase History page looks like now (left image) versus what it looked like last year (right image).

As you can see, all the other prices have been “adjusted”, which is strange.

Mine is still there with a June 30 date

I sent an email to . Hopefully they can track down what happened.

Hopefully it is being shipped already?

I wish, but I doubt it.
I’m pretty sure it works the same way as when you get your Glowforge: They send you an email to confirm your address and then you have to wait 3+ weeks to get it delivered.

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I got the email a week early and the Glowforge showed up on the day they had forecast that I would get the email.

Does it usually take this long for support to reply? I sent in an email a week ago about my air filter order and I haven’t heard anything beyond the initial automated response. Maybe everyone is on holiday.

So here we are on June 6th and I still haven’t received any sort of response from Glowforge to the email I wrote on May 24th regarding my missing air filter order.

I got the automated response stating that I was assigned support ticket #81880 and then…
…radio silence.

Why am I being ignored? :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for your patience @karlfranz. I’m so sorry for the late reply.

I’ve followed up to your email with more information. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.