The Glowforge Compact Filter

Wouldn’t surprise me. I ordered my GF on September 2015 but didn’t add the GF Filter until June 2017. I had a delivery date on my account that kept getting postponed like everyone else.

Then one day in early 2018 my air filter disappeared entirely from my account history. It took several weeks and emails with Rita to get this sorted. I even provided her with the credit card transaction info from my bank, but somehow the order had just gone “poof!” on their end. Finally, @Rita did some magic on her end and added the filter order back to my account manually.

When the Compact Filter was announced, I filled out the form (Feb 13, 2019) and have been waiting ever since. @Dan said there was a limited supply and it was first-come, first-served for the first batch. I assumed they were still waiting for more from their supplier. I had no idea they were supposed to have all been delivered by now. :frowning:


This was the thread when my order disappeared.