Anyone engraved their MacBook yet? (like in the promo video)



Or is the software not there yet?


Well we’ve had an iPad:

I’ve done a whole slew of anodized tags, etc as have others.

Haven’t seen a MacBook yet…


This scares me to death to think about doing… lol


I mean you can’t hurt the metal. It’s just changing the color.


agree. that said, it’s definitely pretty permanent, haha.


I have a big pile of old MacBooks at work that I can practice on. So as soon as I get my Pro, expect to see some here!


Unfortunately I need my MacBook to engrave my MacBook …


You should be able to do it on the flat parts. The rounded edges might be messy as dynamic focus isn’t enabled yet.


I’m going to do my phone and my iPad but I have to pick what I want. I have this problem with picking tattoos though too. It’s so permanent that I need to make sure it’s what I want… so we’ll see


I’ve done iPads, iPhones & Samsung or HTC phones (don’t recall which - the one with the glass back), just not on the GF. Used my other machine. But CO2 lasers are gonna all do the same so don’t worry about hurting anything or it not being able to do it :slight_smile: .



Engraving an iPhone or iPad is not as hard a choice as the tattoo. I only get one skin for my entire life, but have had dozens of electronic devices, they only last a few years.


I have a MacBook Pro that has hit the pavement at 60 mph and ended up at the bottom of a ravine. It has a few battle scars already so I can’t see the laser doing that much more damage. :wink:

Just short the laser.


I’ve considered it, but like mentioned above regarding tattoos, the permanence of it makes me have to seriously consider what in the world the artwork would look like… I’m pretty indecisive & since I’ve never gotten a tattoo (and have no plans to ever do so), I’m not sure whether or not I’d ever find the one thing that I would engrave… But the simple fact that I can makes it awfully tempting… I may do it to our phones or ipad, but the issue there is those are usually in some sort of protective case so you’d never see the artwork.


I’d start here:


I’d go even safer and just grab a replacement cover from a vendor, quick google:


do you mind sharing the settings you use on the iPad?


Yeah most people don’t have a tester. That’s why it would scare me. Lol


Nothing Scotchbrite pads couldn’t fix, at least that is a maybe. :slight_smile:


I manage a fleet of Mac laptops at my day job, and we’ve got a lot of dead ones available. I’ve received permission to use some for testing, so I’ll be giving that a go once my shipment of dry moly lube arrives. settings advice welcome :slight_smile: