Anyone have this issue printing? Not centered and blurry?

Maybe you should check to be sure your lense is correctly installed.


what @marthajackson1970 said. this is a severely out of focus engrave and accidentally putting the lens in upside down will do this.


It’s out of focus because you put the spoon on the floor of your Glowforge, which is well out of the focal range of the machine – the furthest away it can focus the laser beam is where the surface of the crumb tray normally sits, about 1.3" off the floor of the machine.

You need to put something under the spoon so that you raise it up at least that high, and no more than 1/2" above that. You can use this little ruler to make that easy:


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If you have not already done so, I suggest you work through the Glowforge tutorials. The photos you shared reveal a focus problem that is caused by user error.


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