Anyone proficient with Inkscape & Glowforge Aura in SW Ohio willing to help a newbie?

Thanks. Unfortunately, generating the text and images for each emblem is not my issue, but rather aligning with the set of emblems.

Appreciate all the feedback though.

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I think we understand what you are trying to do. If you would share a screenshot of the emblem and describe where the text is to be aligned we can help you.


Attached are pictures of the emblems situated in the Aura, as well as the sample graphics to be engraved. The number on each emblem would vary in a given run, while the name & phone number would be the same.


Just out of curiosity, what are those emblems made of? They look like plastic or anodized aluminum. From looking at what you want to do, I think you DO need a jig for alignment.


They are anodized aluminum and used to indicate the loft and ownership of individual golf clubs at the grip end. (patent pending) They do not move once their posts are inserted into the honeycomb and can be placed in the exact same spots with each run. Unfortunately, aligning the graphics quickly & easily has been a problem so far; although I just learned how to position by metric (instead of eyeball) on the Aura, and that should prove helpful.


This tool might be useful for you:


This is just about the same project as one I did with my Glowforge a couple of years ago as I personalized golf ball markers. The reason a jig works, is because you align the artwork in Inkscape and never have to worry about it being centered when you engrave. The jig is simply circles the size of the club finders with the text centered.

Do you have the Premium subscription? If so, draw circles around your emblems as they are placed in the bed. Export the file. Open the file in Inkscape and add your text, utilizing the alignment tools.


The reason for a jig is not to hold the material, but to enable precise placement of the material and the design in a repeatable manner. It is great that the emblems fit perfectly into the honeycomb, but that is only useful if you can create your file to accommodate that exact placement.


Thanks. Guess I don’t understand enough about the software side to size and position the graphics properly, hence my original request for assistance with Inkscape.

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I’d be happy to meet online and walk you though the Inkscape part. If that’s of interest, send me a direct message and we’ll plan something.


I Just Bought My Glow Forge Aura and I’m Already Frustrated with It. I Can’t get the thing to even print meaning it won’t even light up for me to press print I have no clue what I’m doing, and I thought it wouldn’t be this hard for me to do. Can anyone or will anyone be willing to help me? thanks in advance. I am trying to engrave a picture of my deceased son.

Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry that you are having a frustrating start to laser ownership. Many of us were lost at first as well. I urge you to work through the Glowforge tutorials to gain an understanding of the interface. Printing pictures is not a very good first project and may result in wasted material and more frustration.


Welcome to the community.

I will echo what @dklgood said about making an engraved photo as a first project if you’re new to lasers. Photos can be very tricky to get right anyway, and learning the basics first will take you a long way…and make you feel a lot more comfortable. I understand your frustration, but try to be patient. It will pay of wonderfully as you go one step at a time.

Best of luck to you


thank you for responding back to me but i am having one issue and thats getting the print light to come on on my desktop to start the engrave of the picture can you tell me what i am doing wrong please? thats if you even know but i have the wood on the machine the corners cut how i want it the picture in place where it should be but nothing is lighting up on my computer for me to press print where it says print its a dull gray co;or next to set up and the wifi is set up but the print wont aluminate for me to proceed with engraving the picture

Does your Aura actually show up as ‘online’? (click on your Aura machine’s name in the upper right of the screen and pop down will show up that will say either ‘online’ or ‘offline’ next to the icon of the machine)

If it does - you need to also make sure that

  • your artwork is within the printable area
  • you have selected a material
  • you have selected settings for each step

If it does NOT then your machine isn’t connected to WIFI.


Share a screenshot of your interface. If any part of the design is outside the usable area, you will not get the print light. We need some visual help to see what your are seeing.


ok i just sent it to you

you will have to hit download to see the pics i just sent you just in case you push the button and it shows all black its because you have to download the pic sorry but thanks

Your machine is offline. Have you setup the wifi previously?