App Error Message

I assume this is a message to Glowforge:

I fired up the device after not using it for a week. It cycled through the “Calibrating” routine at least 3 times (I assume this is a firmware update, but have no other way of knowing other than guessing based on forum posts).

I loaded in 2 very simple cuts on Proofgrade draftboard using (cringe) default settings, clicked Print, and received that message. I’ve cut these SVG’s before without issue.

It was around 7:20 PM EDT.

Strangely enough, the light on the Glowforge was blinking as if it was ready to print. I gave it a go.

It printed (cut) normally.

No further problems noted, yet. So, this is more to alert you to an issue I encountered, rather than a request for assistance.


weird, haven’t seen that one . Was this a solo popup window (like the ‘normal’ error messages)?

The whole browser window (Chrome, Win10) refreshed and that was all that was there.

I am about to cut the same files again. Hopefully it was a one-timer…

EDIT: Just ran it again. No problems.

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whoa, wonky.
Glad you are back up and running!

Me too.

Looks like their Ruby went off the Rails for a moment.


At least it didn’t throw you one of these:


Ha! I guess we know now what the web interface is written in. :slight_smile:


Those pesky disk drives - and power cables.



Thanks for letting us know about that!

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