Are any of the fonts in Glowforge single-stroke?

I’m wanting to add text from Glowforge to a design to score. Are any of the fonts in Glowforge single-stroke?


No, but someone made one on here - let me see if I can find it…

So neither are quite as easy as a straight up font, but they do exist :slight_smile:


Inkscape usually comes with a Hershey font extension which allows the creation of arbitrary text strings using a “single stroke” font. Such text can be “scored” instead of engraved—much faster. I find that “simplifying” (Ctrl-L) the resultant text “vectors” usually gives a more pleasing result. :sunglasses:

Hint: Search here in the forum for “Hershey font” or take a look at this Webpage…


Are you using inkscape 1.0? Hershey was majorly upgraded with several fonts and support for curves.


No, the intrinsic nature of fonts makes this nearly impossible. However, @bill.m.davis made and freely shared this awesome generator with the community:
(No inkscape or other software required)
Text2Vector (Free Vector Text Generator)


@evansd2: Thanks for the tip. Gotta’ finally switch to 1.0 under Windows. I have it installed but still am not using it!

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” plus “I don’t like different”. :sunglasses:


Yep, the 1.0 Hershey is quite good.

I find it irritating that you have to create the text in Inkscape first, then convert it, I preferred the old method of typing straight into the plugin. One day I’ll tweak the plugin to allow that.

Note there are both single stroke and multi-stroke versions of the text in the new Hershey plugin.


Here is a simple tool I made to make labelling easier: Text2Vector

You can type in the text and then press the “copy” button and paste it straight into the :glowforge: UI or add it to your own SVG in the editor of your choice.


Hey that’s brilliant. Thank you.

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