Are you kidding me? 25$ for shipping for a lens tool?

Yeah, that’s pretty hefty shipping for a little, plastic item.

Just be thankful you don’t have to ship stuff to Canada …



if you want one $25 includes shipping
DM me



Here is a slick alternative.


Are you kidding me!? :expressionless:

You actually need to use one? :face_with_monocle:

You can purchase a 3d printer made one on Etsy for $15 & shipping is first class .

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the cost of shipping is not up to Glowforge. It’s up to UPS, USPS, or FedEx, or whoever they use.

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Sorry, but no.

I have shipped entire firearms next-day (which is the only legal option) for less than they charge for a lens tool.

I sent a large engraved piece (~11" diameter) to a friend for $6 or so a couple of weeks ago.


Looked at my records. The last rifle I shipped to CT (from ATL) cost me $17, and that included insurance.

And I have shipped vintage computer parts (power supplies, hard drives, peripherals) from Canada to Europe (also fully insured and customs declared) for a fraction of what Glowforge’s shipping partner charges. They could easily offer a lower rate through USPS as an option.

It isn’t hard to do.


Shipping cost across multiple platforms is out of control. It’s sad when I want to buy something from a smaller vendor, but they’re charging $14 for shipping a small part that no way costs $14 to ship. It’s a “shipping & handling” fee, obviously more on the handling then shipping. And I get that - they have to get something for their time to package / ship, but it makes me head to Amazon for many things because I don’t have unlimited resources.

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It’s also a retail vs commercial deal issue for smaller people. They may not know where to go to find lower cost deals. Like will get you better UPS pricing not just USPS. and there are other places that will, for free, let you join and joint bargain lower fees for fedex and ups.

Guaranteed, GF’s shipper doesn’t pay that much, but they’re charging GF the retail price for the shipping(and/or a handling fee also). And GF wants to make money and tacks on a bit of handling too.

I’m my own shipper for my morning business but I’d likely have to double my shipping charges if I had to take it to a shipping depot.

More like a “shipping and gouging fee” unfortunately.

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