Are you still Receiving glowforge



Just seeing if people are still being emailed on receiving there glowforge?


Yes, and receiving them.


I’m currently staring out the window & not moving 'cause my unit has been “out for delivery” since 4am.


Happy Birthday @niccoli.joseph! :boom::birthday::dizzy::balloon::gift:


Strange how you know that but thanks your the first even before my family to wish me a happy birthday so thank you


If you don’t mind me asking what day did you order just trying to see where there at


There is a fun little cake next to your name :grin:


Ya I just saw that hah


Several of us have received it already.


Nothing gets past @Jules. :grin:


Only if you distract me first with cute pictures of babies, kittens, puppies or hedgehogs. :smile:
(Sadly, some of you guys have figured out the trick …)


Baby squirrel!



picks @Jules pocket


I need 10 of those,. 15 if they come with top hats and monocles…



There goes productivity for the day! Thanks you two! :rofl:


So funny tangent (because, squirrels) - we get these little Douglas Squirrels around here:

Cutest things ever, and feisty as all get out. For the longest time after we moved here, I would hear that crazy “pew, pew, pew!” sound (not to be confused with laser pewpew) and could not figure out what it was. Our neighbors breed dogs, so for a while I was convinced that all of the pups were chomping on squeaky toys. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that it was the squirrels, chewing out my cat! :wink:


Sadly still awaiting an e-mail confirmation on my end here. :frowning:


Sorry, just saw this. I ordered my unit on Oct. 20th (3 days before the initial crowdfund was over). I got my email that they wanted to ship me one mid June.

It’s been brought up on other threads, not sure why my name came up to receive one ahead of so many others who ordered before me, but I’m sure Glowforge has their reasons. My best guess is something in my Beta application bumped my name up the list but there’s no telling. In any case, let me tell you this machine is SOOOOO worth the wait and investment.


I was gonna ask if you signed up for Beta testing. I’ve noticed that some of the early Production unit recipients so far have done so.


I wasn’t going to but after one of the early delays thought, “I’ll do anything to get my hands on this laser sooner, especially if it means helping them make it better.” In my application I promised up and down all over the place I would share on the forums like mad once I got one… I just didn’t know anything about lasers to even begin to know what to ask so all of my forum activity before now has simply been “Oh, cool design!” Trying to make good on those promises now.