Are you the next Glowforge HGTV Star?! (Contest from Averly at Glowforge)

Hi there, it’s me, Averly again! You all loved my first contest so much that I’ve convinced the team to let me do this for you more regularly!

So I’m curious…what have YOU printed to improve your space? Post a photo of your favorite improvements, small or big - these things can have a huge impact on the quality of life! The most liked post by 3/31 will win a $50 gift certificate!

I have been working far too long hunching over my laptop that sits low on my desk. I know I know. You’re probably thinking that that’s a silly problem to have.

And you’d be correct.

There is a simple luxury that is found in an eye-leveled screen, and I made just that. And honestly, you wouldn’t believe the tremendous impact it has had on my back.

Now, I’ll come right out and say it-–I’m still learning along in my design journey, so I lean heavily on sourcing designs, like from our Catalog for my prints.

I found an easy design template online and in just a few minutes, my workdays have improved massively.

We get questions all of the time on just what is possible with a Glowforge, and the range is incredible. We’ve seen Glowforge creators improve their homes with simple stress-reducing prints or life-sized furniture. In just the last week, I’ve seen Glowforge owners transform their homes by printing delicate details on molding, ceiling medallions, and furniture flips.

If you participated in my last little contest you know that the response was just - WOW! There’s no doubt the rest of the Glowforge community would be inspired by your work so we’ll share a few posts from this thread on Glowforge social media.

If you’d like the team to tag you, please include your Instagram and/or Twitter username in your submission.

I can’t wait to see what you share this time!

Image from iOS (5)


I use one of my phone or watch stands I made every single day. They are way better than the store bought ones in my opinion but I made them lol so take that for what it’s worth.


I forgot to add my instagram for you: Login • Instagram


For something I use all day every day? This small shelf with lots of side pockets to hold all of my electronics!


I needed somewhere I could place my kindle, cell phone, tablet, all the remotes, a mug of coffee, and a small plate of snacks, but I didn’t want it on the floor. It has worked stunningly well, and one of the few projects that I have made that worked perfectly the first time!

I wrote more about it here: Wall electronics pocket / coffee shelf / sofa side table?


I showed this a while back…
It certainly helps in keeping track of those bits.

And my file cabinet…

And carving toolbox…

More of an evolution in design as they are recent to oldest.


It ain’t glamours and it ain’t pretty, but hands down, this pine-pellet cat litter sifting tray/insert has been my most useful GF project to date. It’s gone through a few iterations because it was a bit more complicated to get right than one would imagine, but the basic design has stayed the same.


Custom laser cut drawer organizers.


Where were you back in 1988-93 when I needed you? Nice design.


Hmmm…I see a roll of blue tape in the before pic that is mysteriously absent in the after pic. Purge much?:joy: actually I wish I could get up the energy to design and make some of these. Nice work.


It’s actually under the green tape. :smiley:


I was wondering about the dodecahedron of many-colored spots I was not able to spot it in the afterimage.

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My most used and practical design has been the light switch covers, replacing the dreadful contractor’s plastic ones:



It did not make the cut. Ooh, my first laser pun!


I made a custom bread box for the kitchen with my wife’s name on the front. Every piece of it was Glowforge-made except the metal hinges, pull and magnetic catch for the door. The “homemade” above the range was cut on the Glowforge as well!


My most used improvement item is definitely coasters/trivets - they’re everywhere :slight_smile: and I have 100% fewer water and heat circles on my wood furniture because of them!


I wanted this glass to vibe with my other decor. So I cut my rattan design out of adhesive foam paper and wrapped it. Quick, easy and exactly what I envisioned! @tuulestudio


Tough call between two items i printed:
one was a request from a friend for a stand for his nintend switch that could break down into the little pocket that some of those fancy traveling cases have.

Then I simplified it by making the back support one piece now we have 'em all over the house :sweat_smile:

(chapstick for scale)

It supports a 8x11 size ipad easily, so everyone in my house uses it to hold an ipad up for long facetime calls & it REALLY came in handy during lockdown as my youngest had calls with his kindergarten & first grade class on an ipad.

We’ve got one permanently under our own switch, a couple in the kitchen, one in my art studio XD, and it’s got 3 slots to set it at different angles. We ALL use 'em ALL the time & had no idea it would be so handy when i printed 'em! Made of :proofgrade: maple ply.

the little groove also holds a phone with an attached popsocket as a bonus!


The second thing i hacked together in a rush one day while working on a children’s book when i needed something to hold my metal watercolor mixing pan on my SLANTED drawing table :grimacing:! Plus it needed to be LEVEL! It’s not pretty, but it’s been SO handy.

It’s 8 layers of cardboard with some cutouts for magnets - i tried gluing them in, but there wasn’t enough surface area on the edge of the cardboard, so tape worked better. Plus the tape kept the char from rubbing off on my art table

Here it us pulling double duty as a temporary shelf :sweat_smile:

It would have taken all day to cut cardboard by hand & it wouldn’t be NEARLY as precise without my :glowforge: !

I could make it prettier, but it’s been working so well i don’t even think about it😅


Here is a notebook stand I made a while back, so that I could see eye to eye in all those zoom calls!


My mother-in-law had a stroke a while back and lost the use of her right hand and now has difficulty with basic things we all take for granted, like opening a fruit cup or a container of applesauce. I am in the middle of a Creative Engineering course and decided to do something about that. I had already designed a holder for her that kept the cups from sliding across the table while eating (with a pudding cup insert).

So I decided to work that original design into a device that would cut the top from the fruit cups instead of her fighting to peel back the plastic seal.
(Sorry for all the clear and transparent acrylic, but it was important for people to be able to see the inner workings.)

The holder gets inserted into the cutting base. The corner pads give some cushion if the lid is dropped shut and the center ones keep the cup from rotating when the plunger is turned.

Pushing down and turning the handle exposes the blades and cuts the top of the fruit cup.

And the whole thing can be operated with one hand.


My family is less than observant sometimes, and have a hard time telling whether dishes are dirty or clean. I made this after dirty dishes had been completely put away twice. It has been HUGELY helpful!