Arm coming off in one side

FInally got my GF after two years, just for it to not work properly :frowning:
First, it’s a bit misaligned (the “founder ruler” was a bit off, but that should be just calibrating, I hope). But the big issue is that when the arm had to come out a bit more, the left side was getting stuck while the right side just basically cafe of the railing.
See the pictures and videos from the Dropbox link:



Fingers crossed that it’s an easy fix.


Not sure if videos are loading right. They’re in this DB folder:

With the power off, if you place the gantry in its proper position, does it smoothly roll forward and backward? If so, what happens if you power on now?

Here are some prior instructions for realigning the gantry, from @karaelena


It does smoothly roll forward and backward. That’s also frustrating, it’s not like if I knew that there was some resistance. It does happen every time though, after powering on as well. I’ll try the answer below and see what happens.

Don’t power it on!!!

Should be aligned like the pictures


While the printer is off double check the stepper motors timing belt
I’ll take some photos for you

Something mechanical is wrong. Support will likely be replacing your unit. There’s a chance they will be able to just send you a component. That’d be nice. Not sure if it’d be possible in this case though. Do yourself and Support a favor and, if you can, take pictures similar to what @ranger.mctague has. It will likely help Support determine the failure and appropriate resolution.


The this is what the stepper motor timing cable supposed to look like


Here are pictures of what the stepper motor timing pulley should look like


The privious pictures where of the front
This one is the back


Thanks for the discussion. It helped me determine the cause of the issue.

Thank you @emrod48 for the videos and photos. Unfortunately, this issue is not one that I am able to solve remotely. I will reach out to you via email about a warranty replacement. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

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