Artwork getting scaled up Affinity Designer [Resolved]

Hey all.
I’ve noticed that items I design or export through my graphics app as SVG and up printing larger than designed. I’ve included a sample screenshot below. The artwork is designed to be 4.5" square. However when exported as SVG and imported into the glow forge app, it’s scale is higher. To test this, I printed the artwork to my local ink jet and loaded that into the glow forge. Then I started a new project and uploaded the SVG. As you can see, the image is about 10% larger. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

The design tool is Affinity Designer.

This may help:


Excellent! Solved.

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Well, this confused me.

I’ve had no trouble whatsoever exporting SVGs and having them load in correctly into the UI…and my settings are; use document resolution, the set-view box IS checked. I do use the export text as curves, but other than that every thing mentioned here is the opposite of what my settings are.

Most of those settings won’t affect scaling. There are three ways that I know of to export from AD and have the size be correct. Any one of these will do it.

  1. set the resolution to 96dpi
  2. use the magic 20”x12” document size
  3. Export as PDF rather than SVG. (While there is no setting that will cause AD to export SVG with real units, PDF always uses real units because it was designed for print rather than the web.)

I’m glad you resolved it - thanks for the help, @jbmanning5! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!