Aura Alignment Issue - Solved

I noticed a number of my cuts were losing alignment as they progressed. After watching and making tweaks, we realized the power supply strip that runs from the laser head to the back of the machine gets caught up on the left arm as It moves. Once that happens, it causes the laser head to get bumped and moved from the position it’s supposed to be in, thus throwing off the whole cut. We are using a workaround of printing further down and/or to the right of the material, but this won’t work in every case. Hopefully, Glowforge can come up with a better solution.


I don’t have an Aura, but I have seen comments that the rails need to be wiped clean VERY frequently, like every couple of prints. The motion control motors don’t appear to have much power, and are easily hung up on very light debris on the rails.


I have a basic test print of several parallel lines about 5mm apart, diagonal to the machine, and I run that now and then on a scrap of cardboard shipping box. I only have to wipe the rails every time I clean the optics, which is only a couple of times a year, but it costs nothing to check.

It’s in my dashboard, created it a long time ago, but it was quick to replicate:
diagonal test


Hi @jessicadmitchell Did you reach out to Support and were they able to give you any advice or check into your machine logs to see what may be happening? Thank you!


You can check with the power off, slide the head back and forth and feel for any drag. I wipe the rails pretty much every print with a rag and alcohol.

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Any chance of being able to use a zip tie or equivalent to pull the power strip out of the way? That’s a small bed to be losing half of!

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Have you contacted support directly? Someone on the Discord had a similar Aura issue and there was a suggested fix.

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