Aura filter vs. pro filter

Just about to “upgrade” to the pro from my aura. My aura’s filter was useless. Several discussions on facebook made me decide to vent out window. Now my aura works much better. Does anyone have the pro and use the filter they sell vs. venting out window. Trying to decide if I get filter. Don’t want to get stuck with filter like I did with the aura one. Thank you.

If you have the option to vent out the window, you definitely want to vent out the window!

Laser filters are great if you are in an enclosed space, but they are expensive just because they do grab everything and therefore need to be replaced frequently. That is equally true for the Aura filter, the Pro filter, and literally every other laser filter out there.


That’s what I was thinking. Thank you very much. It’s just I live in Arizona, so summertime is going to be a bit rough venting through window. lol

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You should be able to vent out the window without issue no matter where you live. The air is moving from inside to out, not outside to in.


Welcome to the forum @twins . Search for venting in the forum and you will find many set ups that allow venting in very hot and very cold climates. As @dklgood said, the air from the Glowforge is moving from inside to outside. It will be a good project for your Pro to create an airlock for the rest of the window or many have used a purchased dryer vent with small modifications. Venting out the window is definitely the way to go if you have the option.


Get yourself an inline fan, and a blast gate, and you’ll be good to go!

I leave my window up, and made an acrylic inset that, surrounded by insulation tubing, keeps all the midwest heat and humidity outside. It should do just fine in Arizona!


Here in jersey it’s equally freezing in the winter and highly humid and hot in the summer. In-line fan, hose through multilayer styrofoam I glued up that fills the window gap whenever I need to use the laser.