Aura Not cutting through

How do you set the depth so that it cuts through?

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Hey welcome!

There is a great guide to how to use manual settings, you can find it linked here in #6:


There’s no depth setting, what are you trying to cut?

In very general terms - more laser equals more cut. To increase cutting ability you can either increase power or slow down speed. For either, proper focus is critical so use the set focus feature before doing anything else.


Welcome to the forum! It depends on what you’re trying to cut. And an Aura won’t cut clear acrylic and some other colors at all, so you’ll have to check. But do be sure to select the proper material and use “Set Focus” before you cut, and usually the standard proofgrade settings work. At any rate, again, welcome, and we look forward to hearing from you often and seeing what you create. This forum is definitely the place to ask your questions.


I tried “set focus” and taking the Aura off the filter and hanging the tube out a window it still is not cutting through it appears to just score the proof grade material.

What material are you trying to cut?

Proof grade plywood’s and basswood both 1/8 inch.

How long is the warranty on these products? (Aura and Filter)

It has a 12 month warranty.

Can I send it back I have all the shipping stuff.

Are both of those listed in the dropdown menu?

I’d go back to basics.

But if you want to reach out to customer support, they don’t check this forum. You’ll have to reach out to them directly. We can just help you troubleshoot if you want to do that.

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How do I go back to basics?

Yay! I got it to cut! I think it was my material settings. My problem now is that my Aura is smoking really badly it is coming out the sides of the top.

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That is a sign that your filter is not working properly.

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What could be wrong with it? I’m not getting any messages and the fan cuts off before the job stops and when I open the lid after it says it is ok to open it, I get a gush of smoke. Can the exhaust fan run longer and pull more of the smoke in?

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Did you reconnect your filter or are you still venting outside?
If the filter is connecting, are you hearing it turn on when you start cutting? That may sound like a stupid question, but if it doesn’t turn on ever, people may not realize that it isn’t on.

It doesn’t sound like you’ve done enough cutting to worry about changing the filter cartridge.


It’s not a stupid question, at all. When I first got mine, it would start up but the filter wouldn’t connect. I’d have to shut it down, unplug it and try again.