Autosave, faster startup and more: 1/8/18 Latest Improvements

> Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!

You guys have really outdone yourselves with this one! :smile:

I’ve just been switching out materials on the same file - the settings that need to change do, the ones that I set up special don’t .

Things like material height for focal point change based on the actual material used along with correct cutting settings for the Proofgrade material being displayed. But specialty engrave settings remain intact.

All settings remain intact if you are working with something other than Proofgrade consistently.

But if you switch from Proofgrade to any other unknown material, entering the correct material height wipes out the settings, and resets them to a minimum, which is a necessary measure to keep from ruining material. It forces us to set the correct settings for that material.

And placement is on the money. Each and every time.

Holy cow Batman! Closest thing to idiot-proof I’ve seen…ever!
That is a really fine job of conditional coding. Excellent job!

More playing ahead, but man, I’m so impressed!

This is squee! :squeeee::love::glowforge::squeeee:


As an idiot, the fact that it will delete pieces of your design when you do that so it doesn’t get done again when you’re in the middle of multiple steps wasn’t obvious until reopening the design and finding the part deleted.

We need to remember to either ignore unwanted parts (it’ll save the ignore setting) or move the pat off the edge of the work area so they ar ignored by the app but remain in your project so they are there the next time you want them.

Deleting items in your project is permanent unless you Ctrl-Z a lot.


Excellent point! We’re gonna need to learn to NOT delete parts from our files that we will want to use again later.

And like you said…we can just drag unwanted parts over onto the gray zone instead of deleting them now. That saves the part but doesn’t process it.

And I need to go update some write-ups. :smile:


I really wish the undo buffer would be saved along with everything else.

Being able to manually save snapshots would be an acceptable alternative, I suppose, and probably easier to implement. (Actually, having both features would be great!)


Excited to try autosave. I open, open a design, pick some random numbers for speed and power, then refresh and nothing is saved. Am I missing a step? I have cleared cache, tried different computers, all act the same.

Is there any version number somewhere that would tell me what version I am using?

No version number. Usually they put out the release notes as the changes are imminent, but have said in the past that it may take 24 hours (I believe) for everyone to see the updates.

Edit: a post made recently by Support

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Cool (well, not that I have to wait, but that you responded :wink: ), thanks

I watched my machine carefully to see what would happen with this update. I turned it on, it calibrated as usual, and I ran a cut. I presumed at this point, it was downloading the update in the background, and based on what we’ve been told in the past, it wouldn’t be applied until the next power cycle. So I turned it off and on, and it started to calibrate, but when the head went to the center, the lights flickered and it went briefly offline, then came back and starting calibrating again. I guess now I’m running the new version. A third power cycle, and the startup seems much the same as usual, except the initial diagonal move from the corner was more accurate: it moved right under the camera on the first shot. It still did a correction move after that, but it was tiny.


That is very good to know. Thanks for passing that along :slight_smile:

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They’ve got that fancy RGB LED. My vote is: Solid Green means FW update is happening. Flashing Green means a FW update has happened, press to acknowledge.



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I discovered an issue with Autosave when using official GF catalog designs -

I was cutting out a leather wallet from the pattern I purchased through the catalog. I wanted to make it two-tone, so I deleted some of the pockets, added a logo, and cut.

Then I went to change to the other leather and cut out the pockets, and the file doesn’t have those parts anymore.

I have no way to upload this catalog design. I can’t delete the “oops” one. Clicking “open my design” from the catalog just opens the broken version.


For Catalog designs only, you can click on the three dots and reset the file to the original.


Sweeeeet! Thanks!

(here’s when you laugh and say, “She doesn’t know how to use the three dots” - hehe)


For those looking for a button or such there is none. Not a visually exciting update. Go to home, work on some other projects, then go back to your original project. It will be as you left it. Not exciting but so very useful.