Baby Blue Blinking Light

Set up my replacement Pro. Wi-Fi set up was perfect.

Went to interface received the time for a print— looked at the GF and the button is blinking a very light colored baby blue, After button on GF was pressed blinking light turned to the solid light colored baby blue.

Did 3 different prints same exact thing happened. The phone would not capture the light color blue.

Should I be concerned this is not clear white?


GF now sends an E-mail after you set it up and I just read the E-mail.

Apparently the start color is no longer clear.


I can understand why there is confusion about the color of the button. I recently got a refurbished basic and the button now has a blueish color, not the original white color.


You are absolutely correct. For nearly 3 years, all I have seen is the clear white.

Hopefully going forward people will find this thread and put their mind at ease —the start button color is now a baby blue. It is a beautiful color.


Very interesting. I wonder why they changed it?


Baby blue:

(the one prior owner daughter bought it from was in TX, and she keeps the front tag - not required in GA)


I wonder how they changed it. It was an RGB LED before, so it could be whatever color they want without a hardware change. Maybe the new models just have a single blue LED and don’t display different colors. Supply chain?


Maybe they just simplified the workings of it to reduce failure rates (but I don’t recall ever hearing that fail), or maybe it was a usability issue with color blindness?

I can only speculate here (like the rest of us), but it is interesting to me.


My guess is just a change in providers, which could have meant a change in components. I have different LED “puck” lights that are different colors when set to “white”…


There have definitely been some failures. You know you’ve read too many support threads when you can remember people having a mysterious purple light that turned out to be a dead green LED. Pretty rare, but it does happen.


This light baby blue color is very beautiful and I wonder if GF was trying to get their turquoise brand color and this baby blue color was as close to as a representation they could get.

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