Baby stuff

My sister just had another baby and my BFF is pregnant. So I have been throwing some baby stuff in my GF. Here is a post with the source of the materials and settings I used :slight_smile:

Bee Security Blanket

This bee security blanket has been probably the most funny thing I have seen in my GF.

This is the blanket:

Settings I used was 850 speed, 9 power, 450 LPI.

Baby sack
Idk what these things are really called but its a sack that I guess you put a baby in?

I picked it up at Marshalls for only $8 but its tag says “Blankets and Beyond” for the brand. It is 100% polyester and so it does not wash out.

Settings I used was 900 speed, 8 power, 450 LPI

Baby Blanket

This is a 100% polyester baby blanket.


Settings I used was 900 speed, 12 power, 675 LPI.

Foam pin to confine babies

This one is new and in the works…

I found this item on amazon:

My first thought on it was that it would be a nightmare with how many parts it can break into and how to put all the parts together again. It is laser safe and so I decided to satisfy my desire to organize by glowforging it.

I am using the glowforge to engrave on the back side of each segment a code that will bring them all back together. For example, this foam piece is a turtle. So I engraved on the brown surrounding “Turtle (TR)” and all the little parts inside it are being engraved with “TR” (I have not finished it yet. This is break news fresh).

Settings: full speed, 20 power, 225 LPI.


Cute! And those things are called sleep sacks. At least the name brand ones from when my kids were babies are the Halo sleep sacks (I bought the swaddle versions that hold the arms down). Your’s also look like swaddle sleep sacks. They are great, I buy them for all my new parent friends.

And every time I see your posts, makes me want to engrave fabric and break out the sewing machine to make something cool.


Is that what makes things a swaddle?!?! Lol

I love engraving fabric and have never been a fan of cutting but…

I just go into cutting fabric this week…


Yes, swaddles are a life saver…or a sleep saver. Babies wake themselves up by surprising themselves with their arm movement :rofl::rofl:

And keeping a baby swaddled in a blanket is so difficult. Those sleepsacks are what kept me sane. I didn’t have them for my first, I learned my lesson with the second.


These turned out really awesome, especially the AMR one, they look so soft and cosy.


Those are going to be such tremendous gifts! And I think the engraving on the mat is tremendous, as it will be used for years, and can even help teach little ones to read! Again, you are amazing girl!


Super cute! I just started to cut fabric to incorporate into my files, but engraving… woo hoo!!


You are making me wanna… find a pregnant friend! (No, not making me want to have another baby… LOL) Ooh actually this just gave me an amazing idea! I totally forgot that I was looking for new ideas for gifts to make for new families in the Down syndrome community. This would be awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this and triggering this idea.

BTW: Sleep sacks are great.
And I love swaddles. (My daughter HATED being swaddled, but my son NEEDED it. My theory is that she hated it because she has low muscle tone and likes to be spread out, while he has ADHD and it kept him settled. lol)


Amazing! My daughter is having a baby in July, a girl, so I am eager to make some of these for her. This is granddaughter #3 and I have 3 grandsons 10 and under.


I totally forgot that my daughter’s first grade teacher was pregnant! :smiley: She had her baby (a little early) over the weekend. I better get busy and make something! hahaha


Do you put anything between the layers of fabric? To protect the bottom layer? Or is it not strong enough to go through the back? THANKS!

Amazing, I love it!! Thank you for sharing

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These are amazing! Did you take the crumb tray out for the blankets?

I only use my tray if I am cutting. Otherwise, everything is with my magnetic whiteboard setup :slight_smile:


Do you have a post about the white magnetic board set up ? I follow you on Instagram and can’t find anything. Thank you

Yup! IG is not a great platform to post the more extensive information such as the whole whiteboard stuff. Plus, on the forums there are lots of great fellow glowforgers that give a lot of additional information on posts. Here is the post I did with all information on the whiteboard:

Ok so here’s question 2 lol. How do you figure your height ? I mean I’ve done cutting boards with the no math no honeycomb tray but how do I measure the blanket with calipers ? The same way as I would wood ?

Honestly, the best way to validate a setup especially for odd objects is to:

  1. Power off the glowforge

  2. Setup your material in the GF with your best estimation on height and such (so for the blanket you would setup the whiteboard and the blanket on it)

  3. Move the laser arm and print head forward along the path of where you are wanting to place your design. When doing this, monitor the assist fan and make sure the material is close but not hitting it:

  4. Then move the arm and print head back to the home position and power on the machine


Did you use auto focus? I wouldn’t even know how to put in a metric for a blanket?

I use auto focus but not set focus because I do not care much on the function of the app view.