Bad Batch of Fluorescent Pink Acrylic

Has anyone else experienced a bad batch of the Proofgrade Fluorescent Pink Acrylic?
When comparing material from my recent purchase to some scrap pieces I had lying around I can see a noticeable difference between the two. The recent purchase is not as transparent as what I am use to working with, and the shades of pink are different.

I will attach some images for anyone interested in chiming in.

Personally I prefer the redder/more translucent pink (right side in the image). Not too happy with this opaque alternative.

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Haven’t bought any for quite some time, but mine looks more like the one on the left…the pinker colored one. I’m sure you’ve noticed that depending on the light, that the color is a mix of pink and orange…but usually all in one piece, not different in different pieces.

Correct the whole sheet is the same shade.

I also have not purchased this acrylic in months. I have been using the redder pink acrylic shade since I originally purchased it two years ago. However when I ran out several months ago I placed
a new order and got this.

What is advertised on the “shop” website also looks a lot closer to the redder pink acrylic (right side). I am curious to see what shade other people have been receiving lately.

In fabric, there is a factor called “Dye Lot” that indicates the batch produced. To match requires fabric of that run. Apparently, there is a similar characteristic to that in acrylic/suppliers. Those pictures of the transparency really show a difference in transmissivity/clarity. :no_mouth:
If I were into a project and needed more of what I didn’t get, I would have to attribute that to the universe I inhabit. Apparently, this existence was meant to be a struggle.

If the material you bought from them didn’t match your expectations, the company has historically been generous about crediting you for that expense. Understand though that that level of control is not within their power. Good Luck!

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I wonder if Glowforge has switched suppliers for acrylic. There have been shortages lately (demand for all types of plastic sheets has jumped due to myriad COVID-related uses) so perhaps they needed to look to other suppliers to meet their needs.


@PrintToLaser @tim1724
Great inputs. I am almost certain something must have changed on the manufacturing side. I would appreciate knowing if this change will be permanent from the GF team. I am sure this would benefit other customers as well. Knowing the differences in transparency is really key to different applications.

I am also hoping someone else who has recently purchased this acrylic can chime in. It would help confirm my suspicion.

Hello @GlowforgeStaff could your team take a look at this thread to see what is going on with the variation in transparency and shade in the Fluorescent Pink Acrylic?

Thanks in advance.

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