Bad Lens Removal Tool From Factory

So I went to clean my GF this evening and when I went to remove the lens to clean it, it didn’t just snap out like it described in the manual. Low and behold my tool doesn’t have a magnet on it. This was the first time I went to use it and it came without a magnet. $6000 machine and the lens tool doesn’t have the magnet on it. These are the types of things that shouldn’t be happening with a machine like this. We are paying too much for these machines for problems like these. I was just reading lots of people with these kind of issues. I hope someone actually reads this from GF and gets me a lens removal tool that I can actually use sent out to me soon.

Some of the magnets have come loose from the tool, so you might have the magnet still stuck to the lens, or possibly where the tool was stored. If you could include a photo looking up at the lens it will help support to help you in removing it. It could solve your problem sooner than a new tool could arrive.


I looked in it because I saw someone else had that happen but I don’t think the magnet is on the lens.

The magnet can hide when it attaches to the lens. (It looks like part of the lens.)

Read down through the thread here to see how to resolve it.

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Well, maybe my magnet is on my lens, I will have to look again after what I’m doing in the GF finishes. So let me ask you this then, if it is attached to the lens, how do I get it out without scratching the lens?

Read through that thread - I show a picture. (Really simple.) :wink:

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So I don’t think the magnet is on here. I got it out but somebody let me know, I think it’s just the lens. What’s bad is I shouldn’t have to be doing any of this if Glowforge was putting out a quality product!!!

Nope. Doesn’t appear to be a magnet stuck to it. Have you already cleaned that lens?

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Was trying to do it for the first time last night. That’s when I realized there was something wrong. As I said in the heading for the thread, bad from the factory. It never had a magnet. I went back through my shipping materials, no magnet to be found anywhere.

That’s an easily replaced item. (They even sell them in the shop and I keep an extra one on hand.)

Okay, the good news is, you don’t need the magnetic part to put the lens back into the machine. So go ahead and clean the lens according to the instructions here, then follow the guides using the little blue thing to reinsert the lens.

You can then use your machine until support gets a new blue thing to you.


I got an email a little bit ago that Glowforge had shipped me a new one.


Excellent! They must be working today. (Wasn’t sure since it’s a holiday.)


Hey @spooner7701, this doesn’t seem to be starting us off on the right foot! I’m so sorry your lens tool did not have the magnetic piece attached.

I’m wasn’t able to find an account associated with your user name but I am glad to hear that you’ve been in contact with our support team and you have a new lens tool on the way. Please let us know if you need anything further at