Bad with numbers

Will this engrave on glowforge? GF website says 1/4’ up to 1/2’. This board is 1.38’ thick.18%20PM

Yes it will engrave with the crumb tray removed.

I don’t have it handy, but there’s a great post on how-to to calculate material height when you remove the crumb tray–which its surface is “zero” in the z-axis. You’ll need to have your surface at least at this same height, but not more than 1/2" above “zero”. It’s basically the thickness of the tray, and subtract your board from that to determine what spacers you need. If it’s negative, that becomes the “height” you enter in for your material.

@geek2nurse came out with some simple risers to add a bit of height to get the work in the range here…

As for how deep you can engrave or cut a lot depends on the Material. Walnut, Hard Maple or Paduk can be cut very deeply without burning up, Some will have trouble cutting 1/4 inch without burning.


I just made a video on how to do this as well, might help you out.


Happy Cake day @wenning08 !! :tada:

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Thank you!


One of the first projects on a pre-release unit, so yes. And that thickness is still ok.

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