Bamboo phone case settings HELP

I am trying to desperately get a bamboo phone case printed for some student’s designs before year’s end. I have measured the real wood settings and the phone case is .39" total high and the wooden layer is .078" high. Can anyone guide me towards a good engrave height/speed/power suggestions? IMG_3174|375x500 `

Here is your HELP…

Easy peasy.

It’d be a good thing if you had two. so you could test a bit, but if you’ve only got one… I mean it’ll be thin, so you’ll probably want to go fairly light so that you don’t burn through.

Good luck!

Oh and searching for material height calculation is also a good idea. If you have calipers, this is a piece of cake.


Your photo didn’t make it, but…

Use the Set Focus function (in the gear menu of the app screen) to set the height on the portion you want to engrave, once you have it placed in the machine.

Lots of bamboo settings have been discussed here – I’ll let you go through them and decide which ones to try:

Be sure and show us how they come out! :slight_smile:


Also if you only have one, alignment will be key, so I’d use a corner jig, as I described here:

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What timing: