Bandsaw to augment Glowfinger!


In UK I had a 3 wheel benchtop bandsaw, with about a 12" throat depth.
Anyone able to direct me to the equivalent in USA ?
Even a second-hand one ?
Needing to cut larger frames than I can fit into the GF, and glueing lots of bits together seems to be a backward step, timewise !
John :upside_down_face:


Not sure where you are, but craigslist and facebook marketplace have lots of bandsaws that come up in major cities. Craftsman has a 3-wheel model that you find from time to time. The average used bandsaw seems to be more a 9" throat though. You might need to hint around for a while to find the one that’s just right.


Down in North Mississippi, but thanks for the Craigslist idea.
Not yet familiar with it (new immigrant) but I have the idea.
John :upside_down_face:


Definitely check out FB marketplace too. They get a lot of traffic. Welcome to the US, I’m sorry about the food. :wink:

(I kid, I kid, we have lots of tasty foods that are pretty american. Maple syrup and Fluff come to mind, but we also do a pretty mean bbq. You’re in the heart of BBQ country, you probably have lots to choose from. As for Indian… In mississippi? It’ll depend on exactly where in Mississippi.)


Corinth, to be precise, but with SWMBO with her culinary skills from both sides of the pond, I’m lucky not to put on more pounds than I have already !
John :upside_down_face:


Craigslist, you might find a used 14" bandsaw. Generally speaking, JET, DELTA and if you want a cadillac, get a RIKON.


Or if you want a Yugo, get a Grizzly. (I’ve got one, and it’s perfectly adequate for most things, probably not that durable over the decades.)

How thick do you need to cut? Because a benchtop scrollsaw might also answer your needs, and they’re a lot lower impact and finer detail.


Of course, we should really mention Matthias Wandel…


that is just NUTS. the time he spent on that he could have gotten a 2nd job and BOUGHT a really nice bandsaw.

reminds me of the guys that were on a metalworking forum with me. They would buy some cheapo porta bandsaw. spend hours rebuilding it. could have bought a top of the line Porter Cable for 300 bucks. and actually MADE real stuff .


well this just violates every tenet of the maker code…


Thanks for all your thoughts, guys, but I’m out.
John :upside_down_face:


I must have missed the maker code where it states “thou must spend hours upon hours of making something common, just because you can. And avoid at all costs and efforts directing your energy and creativity to making something unique and innovative.”

i have several projects in the hopper right now. and When completed I will post videos. and you will then know why I bought my JET bandsaw, instead of building one.

Heck. I was going to make a table according to plans from one of the working magazines that would go over my table saw, and also work as an outfeed table. upon examining the plans, and realizing just how long that nonsense was going to take. (it directed you to put some of the parts in bags with sawdust so they wouldn’t dry out before you got back to working on them again. I decided to use my MIG welder and make a metal one in a FRACTION of the time.

so then I could build cool things like a time machine for my church to use for the kids in Sunday School.


but but… but … because you can!

there are lots of things people make for the joy and thrill of making them, not because they are practical builds.


I appreciate the concept. and for those that have unlimited time to work on tools I say go for it.

I just prefer to build new things.


Building things and posting videos about them are a significant part of his income I’d imagine. He’s got 1.4 million subscribers. Talented guy.


I have a really old 10" band saw that has not been even turned on in several years waiting to have a place to live before I get it working. I went looking for a brand name but aside from some sort of elephant logo I cannot find one. Many others from several brands seem indistinguishable from it however, and the 50" blade seems to be the standard that keeps them similar.


I made one. It works great. Nuts for the time I spent on building it, but in terms of money saved, excellent.


I bought a Porter Cable but it’s 13", not a 15.

Just for giggles I looked them up at Woodcraft, and now I want a 24" 'er.


I have my really old one but no table to put it on…


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