Basic Shipment/Delivery Question

The estimate is for all basic models to be delivered by July 31… does that mean we (US) are to get the Glowforge by July 31? Or just shipped by July 31?

Just wondering since I’m a 9:23pm Day 1 Order and haven’t yet gotten “the email”. =)

You must have missed the email update back on June 7th. Here’s a link to it if you would like to read it:

Make sure you have the addresses listed below whitelisted in your emails in order to receive updates and the shipping notices:

Hmmm strange that I didn’t get that email… I have * white listed. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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In that case, I would check with glowforge support to make sure they have a correct email for you. I’d hate to miss out when THE email finally comes!

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Well the strange thing is I got the previous update in email… =P

yeah, there have been a few cases where the problem isn’t on the customer side in re missed emails. i wondered if they maybe switched out how they do mass emails at some point and this new provider gets blocked, or something.

Same here. I recieved the First July update but did not get the Updated update. Saw it on the forum.

The second July update was not sent via email. Forum only. There was not a status change and the only real new info had to do with a change in the shipping box and a forum reorganization. Emails only go out for major status updates.


That would explain it.