Beer koozies- glow forge aura

Does anyone know if I can engrave on a foam beer koozie? If so any help with settings I am new and so overwhelmed :sob::sob::rofl:

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It is important that you know whether or not an item is laser safe before you engrave it. I can’t answer the question regarding your foam beer koozie question without more information. As for being overwhelmed - everyone was new at this at one time. This post has lots of helpful information. Common problems/questions

Come back to the forum whenever you need help.


This - if it’s made of anything with chloride in it (PVC for example) cutting it will cause the interior of your laser to try to dissolve (it’s not great for your lungs either.)

This page has a lot of great info (skip over the truly technical stuff in the first half - unless you’re into that!)

All that being said - where did you get your koozie? Does it list its material? If yes, you can ask here, or do a search for that term and you’re likely to find more information than you can handle :slight_smile: The majority of settings in the forum are for the :glowforge: lasers rather than the :aura:, but as more people get Auras more settings are being posted :slight_smile:


Thank you I appreciate that! The material states:

  • Fabric details - Scuba knit polyester fabric on polyurethane foam insulator.

They are from Amazon and I was hoping to put a saying on them for a party :smiley:

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JPP has cup sleeves, they might have can sleeves.


That kind of neoprene should be safe to engrave, but I cannot imagine that it will look good. Do a test before you commit to making a lot of them.


Aura Eco Iron On might work better?
Certainly more color choices.


You’d have to check the label to be sure it sticks to polyester, but it probably doe,s and it should look good. I have done can sleeves that way before.

Of course it’s more complicated than a direct engrave because you need the heat press step, and it can be hard to nail time, temp, and pressure with a hand iron.

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On small pieces I’ve had good luck with a mini hand iron.

Excellent - I believe @MyDogsThinkImCrazy has done some scuba knit and it came out well.

Ok, it looks like she uses scuba suede - but it’ll likely get you going in the right direction for your testing. :slight_smile:


Just be aware that the Aura has a thinner maximum material thickness than the Performance Series lasers. In the Aura the max thickness with tray in is 1/4”, and with the tray out it’s 3/4”. So you will have to squeeze that cozy down really flat to do the job.


The settings from the fleece jacket post above would be a good starting point.


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