Beginner messing with 3D Engraving

Looks like there might be a lot of differences between our machines =P


Just to note. It’s not just her time she would be volunteering. Every little test @Jules does with the Pre-Release is another bit of Proofgrade material that’s not available for projects she finds interesting. I’m sure she has a priority list of her own.


NO! we don’t want that, OK, OK we will be good. You are doing a great job on the write-ups keep it up.


Do you know, that never occurred to me? Not even once! :astonished:

WTH am I doing?


A good job! :grinning::squee:
Finding out stuff that works and doesn’t work and then letting us know what you found out,
so the rest of us will not have to do the same thing,



Ummm… You got that artwork from the lid camera???

There’s always cereal boxes…


What artwork? The placement of the cuts? Yes, that was entirely done with the lid camera.

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It’s OK. Sorry I brought it up.

HUGS…you little softie.

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Please remember that @jules is not being paid to report on the forums and as @rpegg reminded that she doesnt have infinite materials either.
This should be a time for her to enjoy and explore the machine with the only obligation going back to Glowforge itself for testing.
We have a rule in our house about new toys…
No sharing required for the first week or 2…then once the newness and excitement wear off a bit, then you may ask to borrow or play with it.
This might need longer than the 2 weeks…lol


If you’re referring to my response, it was (perhaps an unwise decision in hindsight) a dismissive response. Few people understand the elephant in the room, the title Dan censored a while back.

The camera image, and its placement in the subsequent cutting, is paramount to the ability to perform pass-through and two-sided cutting.

How can the Forge align subequent cuts if the camera can’t locate them accurately?


I never asked her to do any experiments!

I was giving the hugs for the fact that she was angry and sleep deprived, that’s all. Not meant any other way.

I like that rule! Chuckle!

It’s okay, I don’t mind posting the results once in a while, but only after I get the bizzness done.

And i really feel like an idiot about the materials…never even thought about it and I’m going to have to probably watch it a bit…and place another order pretty soon.

I think he was talking to me about crying over the engraving. :slight_smile:

No one has…i was just putting that out there so folks would know not to. There are things I have to do with it first. :wink:


oops, sorry for the misunderstanding!

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Understandable! After waiting 17 months for the experience, that pent-up inspiration gets unleashed!
Besides, I think females are generally much better able to express their emotions. They don’t stack them up until something triggers a detonation. (Jekyll/ Hyde)
I have yet to see any women jump out of their cars and beat on each other.

Thank you Jules for the demo!
We know when you find something inspirational you will be compelled to share with us.
Indulge and enjoy yourself. You owe none of us anything, your contributions to the community are already above and beyond. :+1:


Yeah, I get the impression that they are choosing pre-release candidates for their unique approaches and you should just do what you like until told otherwise. With lots and lots of both positive and negative feedback of course.

They had a lot of ideas on how it would be used but people are so creative that I think they are being pleasantly surprised but the stuff you guys are coming up with.


You are living a sheltered life :slight_smile:

I spent some time as a mediator as an alternative to incarceration for people who got into trouble but would still be living in near proximity (neighbors, roommates,etc) with each other. My cases ended up being predominately women. Maybe the men ended up going straight to jail but I had cases where the women would go after each other with knives, garden implements, boiling water, etc. And the system was trying to keep them out of jail :slight_smile: It amazed this country boy.

I’ve found that in the right circumstances women can be just as vicious and hurtful as men.


Not that sheltered. I pushed a 5 ton truck around Denver metro for 30 years. :grimacing:
Not saying women don’t have that potential, just that testosterone greatly pronounces emotional reaction.

By no means should you underestimate them…