Beta features via Early Access on Premium: 12/11/20 Latest Improvements



Search is long overdue. Will it be available to non-Premium customers once it’s out of Early Access?


Thank You…

Nice feature!

Thanks, very helpful!

This is awesome. Thank you!!

The Hopper lives! Yay.


This is a great feature and will definitely save time on searching. Would be helpful if designs could be sorted alphabetically also. Thank you.


Finally. i always hoped they added this

It would be a nice touch to let founder Glowforge owners who are not premium subscribers be able to access and test beta features. After all, a lot of us helped shape the platform up to this point. You would assume that Glowforge would wantavlue our feedback.


That’s what the Regulars do. We get to be the alpha testers. (aka: initial guinea pigs.) :smile:
(Whether we pay for Premium or not. Some do, some don’t.)

But anyone can submit a suggestion to Problems and Support and it’s logged for consideration.
(You don’t have to be a Regular.)

Just go ahead and submit your ideas…they are always looking for new ideas, and they will be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to help with earliest testing, you do have to earn it by becoming active enough on the forum to achieve Regular status. It’s wholly determined by a Discourse (forum software) algorithm that tracks participation.

It’s a lot of work to alpha test, they want people who can show they are willing/able to devote the time to participate. Not everyone has the time for it, especially if they have an outside job. But our ideas still count with Glowforge, so submit 'em if you got 'em! :wink:


In addition to @Jules, submit the idea even if someone else has submitted the same or similar. The more interest, theoretically, the more likely they are to consider it.
They just won’t say anything until they’re ready to roll some form of it out. In today’s instant connective world, many don’t like this approach but for better or worse, this is how Glowforge has chosen to operate since it’s inception. Does make for some nice surprise functionality sometimes though.

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