Beta Project - Star Realms Dividers

One of my favorite card games of late is Star Realms (BGG Link), a space themed deck-building game. Because it is one of my favorites, I just can’t let anything slip by, and as a result…

That’s a lot of cards!

I initially had the cards in one of these…

But that’s super-boring, so for my birthday my friend Timoth (Also a Glowforge owner, though not really active here, thus no tag because I don’t know what his is!) made this wooden box for my collection!

Initially to keep the cards organized I made paper dividers…

But as you can see, they weren’t very good at their job!

I mean, they kept them separated, but you couldn’t really see them to easily grab up what you were looking for.

So, I decided to make dividers for the box. I took some measurements, snagged some logos (which I then converted to raster). 3mm hardwood or acrylic was going to be too thick, as with the latest game expansion, the box is already quite full! Thankfully I had some nice Cherry veneer that I could work with! I haven’t taken the sticky-back off yet, but at some point I’ll probably cut a backer out of card stock or even just paper to stick to the backs.

It’s a tight squeeze even with the thin veneer, so if any more expansions come out I’ll have to upgrade to a bigger box, but for now, I think it’ll work great!


Your Glowforge is like an organizer’s dream come true.


I’m planning on doing something similar with my dominion cards, one I get my glowforge.


Now that’s organized! :relaxed:


Where to start…

Dominion, Fluxx, Citadels, Family Business, Bang!, Hanabi, The Game, 6 Nimmt!, Gloom, Somthing Contraption, Machi Koro and probably some I’ve forgot all get this treatment.

Interestingly it’s pretty easy to create the original box you had them stored in on a Glowforge out of recycled card board as well :smiley:


Awesome! Can’t wait to do some nice things with my existing games!


Those are really cool! Thanks for sharing this. I have big plans for making custom boxes. Again, really cool.


I have big plans for custom boxes as well!


This is so awesome!!! I love seeing how everyone is so creative with their Glowforge! Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice job!!! What about the box lid? Is it too high to decorate/engrave ?


I haven’t decided if I want to engrave it directly, or if I want to cut something out to add to the lid. Like I said, if the game outgrows the box, then I don’t know that I want to permanently engrave it.


I love Star Realms, but I’ve only played it on my phone.

It’s great to see these organizing projects. I really want to do things like this when I get my GF. Thanks.


I also love Star Realms. I currently have all my cards in a big “Magic the Gathering” box. I’m going to have to make my own box for Star Realms (and for Munchkin) once my GF arrives.

I tried their other game, Epic, but I was not as impressed with it.


OMG, YESSSSS, I need a GF for this alone!!

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Did you ever finish your design for a Scythe organizer?


I wasn’t fond of Epic either… still have it but planning to sell it when I get a chance to toss it on eBay.

Not yet.

Wow, this is one of my hobbies I’m looking forward to. I’ve been working on organizers for many of my games as well. Also looking a divider system for using a Hobby Lobby art case for Arkham Horror LCG. Nice to see others already doing this. Can’t wait for my GF as my template directory is growing. Thanks for sharing.