Beta - So this happened (Day One)



There are a few things about Seattle that make it tough to live here. It rains. A lot. The cost of living is high, housing is through the roof, and there is this strange social phenomenon they call the “Seattle Freeze”. On the other hand… Glowforge!

Last evening @Tony showed up at my door with a beta unit.

After we got the unit talking to my wifi I cut my first parts! (⅛” clear blue acrylic, very pretty in real life!)

Not very inspired I am afraid, but I wanted to make a sign to let the cat know what the hell was going on in here.

I am under fairly strict orders as far as what I can say and show, but I promise to show you all everything I can!
Much more to come soon…

Store software screen shots and video
How much time to see at least a beta version?
How much time to see at least a beta version?

Nice ‘hello world’ there, Josh.

So Josh doesn’t look like the bad guy with the inevitable flood of questions - while he’s going to post pics and videos, I’ve asked him not to take answer questions or take requests about his beta unit. We’re pushing out improvements on a daily and weekly basis, so anything that’s true today may not be tomorrow, and the play-by-play (fascinating though it may be) would unfortunately slow down progress. So please continue to direct questions, and requests to me or the rest of the GF staff. :slight_smile:

As we get more units in customers’ hands that may change, but for now, Josh is being awesome by helping us put the unit through his paces, so please let him focus on that and save the questions for us.

And THANK YOU, Josh!


I’m not jealous! All of the companies that are near my WV address are considering me. Wait a minute! There are no companies, businesses or people here. Dang! Still won’t move. Would make a round trip though.


It is very much worth a visit and the weather will be beautiful if you come at the right time. That time is between July 3rd and August 31st.
Unless you love gray.
Lots of gray.


Outstanding! :smile:




Again with the white glove delivery service! :slight_smile: Very nice! Enjoy! … and the forum profile designation, to boot!


Awesome! Congrats on the beta! Cant wait to see what you come up with. Hopefully youve got some cool stuff queued up!


This makes me happy…somehow.




Hey! Your cat looks a lot like one of mine! (Just noticed that)


Congratulations! I’m so thrilled to get this news, and glad that it went to such a nice guy! I’m hoping that even if you can’t answer questions, you’ll show us lots of pics of what you’re creating.


Right on. Here’s a warm “Cheers!” from San Jose, CA, to help with that Seattle Freeze! (Been there, done that, moved on. --still miss access to the San Juans)


(moving the category to “laser made”)

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Yay for @jkopel! Outstanding. So get the baby names ready. Thanks for allowing us to look in the window @dan.


Congratulations man!!! So exciting!!!


Oh this is so friggen epic, it deserves a Citizen Krumpy clap!!


Congrats Josh. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


BTW, each forge does indeed have a friendly-name. Josh’s unit is, creatively, Joshforge, but I believe we can change that if you’d like to name it something else, @jkopel.

What will be your Glowforge's personal name?