What will be your Glowforge's personal name?



Continuing the discussion from Beta - So this happened:

So for we have Showforge # 3, Joshforge and Glowey McForgeface.

I’m thinking of Sting in honor of Frodo’s sword and one of my favorite musicians.

Trogdor is in the house!
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Silmarillion escutcheon
A little "lagniappe"

Pew : The Next Generation



Prometheus Unbound

After suggesting it to my wife, I think we are going to stick with Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


MacGyver, because it can do all the things.



Or I could go with the Futurama theme and call it burner to go with bender and cutter…


I was up last night thinking about names and trogdor/the burninator and vulcan/hephaestus were both on the list!
I have a theme with all of my devices on my network so “the burninator” will probably win.


Does your Glowforge support Bernie Sanders? Lol :wink:


Steel Rain


Would you care to see my “light sabre?”




I have two options at the moment:

“Vulcan” and"Blast Hardcheese"

Each has its merits…


I’m leaning toward “Lightbringer” at the moment, being a Game of Thrones geek, or Rey. Though if it malfunctions I’m going to switch to “Kylo Ren,” of the unstable laser.


Hmmmmm, well, since my cat Katie is currently “glowing” (just had the radioactive iodine treatment, for about 2/3 the cost of a Glowforge), I think I’ll just call mine Katie.


Possibly, George For(g)eman… or Proteus!


Maybe something like “Set-your-lasers-to-STUN” because the stuff I’ll make will be stunning. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of my electronics have names that have a certain alphabetical requirement, but most of my power tools have british names, so Im gonna go with smitty - its somewhere between and derived from smite and smith, so it even has a cool etymology. I like to think of it smiting something a million times a second with a stream of photonic hammers


Hyperion- Greek titan of light. One of my favorites


Oooooh, I like Hyperion!


I think you mean Burnie Sanders…