Beta - So this happened (Day One)

Keep up the good work and may the forge be with you.


Thank you for sharing. I am soooo glad it has started now.

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Congrats, @jkopel , and I see they even gave you a shiny new title!

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And that he is currently a community of “1”.


Yeah, but a good one… wait, that makes him the best!

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How has no one yet suggested that you make this?

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I thought we were going with a manta ray with a laser on its head: Glowforge Mascot Thread

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Was that the consensus? I can’t keep up anymore, lol…

As original poster of the mascot thread, I truly thought the ray would get the prize, but then we got some funny pics of @dan and finally realized that he is our mascot, like it or not.


Soooo, he should make a @dan, riding a shark, both with frikken lasers on their heads?



To answer the earlier question about if this glowforge came directly from the factory line, no - we are making sure every laser is well tested before we send it out.


So, uhh… clears throat… Josh… Can I uh… get you a coffee? Bring you dinner? Be your new best friend?


Looks like I won’t be getting anything done at work tomorrow morning…I’ll be checking this thread…okay make that everyday until that magic box arrives…

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Yeaaaaah… I just clicked on that video twenty times.

(But I’m also really freaking excited that there’s a beta tester in the forums now! Congrats @jkopel!!)

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Unfortunately Josh is contractually obligated not to share. I know, I know - my kindergarten teacher would be upset.


Greedy :wink:

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The Inside view


Is that what happens when you get a glowforge?! no wonder hes been so quiet

When I look at the Glowforge map, it looks like there are four GF’s in Norway, but I do not know for sure if it is correct.
Otherwise, you are of course welcome to Bergen if you were to visit Norway, even though the fish market in Bergen is not as impressive as it once was. :slight_smile:

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Ha—Oh yes, I’m well aware… I also live in Northern Indiana, so there’s no way I’m ever possibly going to be bringing any of you guys dinner or coffee… (though for you, Dan? I’d make an exception… unfortunately you’d just have to either be very, very patient or someone would have to gift me the plane ticket).

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