Big red button / escutcheon

i made a flip-able escutcheon for my glowforge. :slight_smile: i call it the big red button. makes me feel like i’m shooting lasers in a spy movie instead of just in my bedroom!

it not only amuses me every time i use it, it helpfully reminds me to open “the blast gate” on my window vent.


i love the motion of flicking it open - so satisfying!

right now it’s held down with double stick tape - which i don’t love, but if it’s not held down somehow the whole thing topples backwards :frowning: and i’m scared of anything more permanent.


Nice! Love the flip box idea! :smile:


This is so fun!


Okay that qualifies for serious geek-cred :slightly_smiling_face: No machine is truly cool without a flip-cover switch on it :wink:


That’s sweet! Love it.


Sweetness!!! I love it!!


If you could only tie the forge into Hue. Flash the lights red until the button is pressed. :glowforge: Not withstanding (security issues :slight_smile: ) an IFTTT action?


Such a good idea, great job!


That is hilarious, and AWESOME! What a great and fun reminder!

As for the toppling problem… remake just the bottom piece. Make it twice as long so it extends towards the back of the machine. It won’t topple backwards then, AND you could etch a “button label” with something geekish like “Self Destruct” or “Maximum Effort.” :smiley:


That’s awesome. I am reminded of this thing I made in a former life. I was working on a software project that needed signoff from a couple of people each time we released a new version. So I thought it would be funny to have this elaborate launch console where the two leads have to insert their keys and press the fire button, accompanied by unnecessary beeping and flashing lights.

I wish I had a Glowforge back then, it would have been in something a lot nicer than a craft store box.


I wish I understood how to write software. I code bend and it helps but right now the side hobby is hitting road bumps lol

OMG I love this idea! Would you be making the file available? just wondering :slight_smile:

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asking because I wanted to do something like this because I too have it in my bedroom. it is a night physical check box for the check list before lasering an object.

You can always design your own starting here:


So cool! :star_struck:

Yes. Love it. How do others hold their button decorations on if not with double sided tape?

I just NOW saw this and I’ve been on the community forum since I reserved my GF back in the funding times. YOU have just answered my question on how do I remember to open the blast gate!!! I’m usually so focused on what I am trying to get done in the time I have in the evening (if any) and I end up forgetting to open the gate…until cough … cough… and the visual glowing RED from the air quality glows at me. Woot! thank you


Don’t feel so bad, I only just found it a few minutes ago.

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Now we have something fun to make and maybe it will mean I’ll be breathing easier knowing it’s vented because of the button!


Yeah! It was so embarrassing to start the [external, quiet] fan, hit the Button and realize the blast[ed] gate was still closed!