Window vent

second thing i made on my glowforge was a vent for my window. i started with a cardboard version that sat beside an expandable screen. it was a temporary fix, but better than the hose just hanging out the window.

i put duct tape on it because it rains sometimes…

after a few weeks of insufferable heat i finally gave in and got a window a/c unit. and this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade my vent as well.

i made it to fit within the accordion panel next to the a/c unit. i was going to make it out of draftboard with some acrylic on the outside, but didn’t have any on hand (draftboard or patience). i did have some clear acrylic lying around from another project and figured it’s going in a window right? might as well be able to see out of it :slight_smile:

here you can see my solution to being able to open and close the vent. it’s a single piece with small magnets that i can take out and flip over to be open or closed.

here’s an animation i made showing how that piece works:


Very sharp looking! And I love the gate solution! :grinning:


Awesome solution!!!

Great design and execution!!!


This is fabulous! What a fine design.


Excellent functionality, premium upgrade!


So cool. Love animations! I have a giant piece of celotex in my window covered with a gaudy wallpaper. it works, but sometimes I’d like to see outside! Nice to use the acrylic.


Without a self moving flap it may be a good idea to make an escutcheon on the smoke button that says something like “Open The Gate”.
I imagine the first time or two you forget will help with this step also.

Looks like it belongs there. Great work.


Reminded me that in our RV, I made a wooden tag with ‘TV’ in very large letters that hangs on the handle to raise the roof antenna. When all is in order, I can see it hanging there. To make sure I lower the antenna for traveling (which is very easy to forget), I move the tag over to the gear shift where I can’t miss seeing it to remind me.


that’s funny you should mention that - i actually made an escutcheon for that very purpose! i made it at the same time as the clear vent - i knew i would forget it open it up at some point otherwise. eventually i will write a post with some pictures of that too :slight_smile:


Wow, looks great! It will be interesting to see how clean (or not) it stays.

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my escutcheon says, “open the blast gate, dummy” on it.


Brilliant! Really dig the blast gate.

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Really nice! Clear acrylic makes it look very professional.

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just yesterday, I was cutting a few of the S-hooks someone posted here, on scrap PG acryllic, and… yep… I forgot the blast gate… and got irritated that my 'Forge was leaking air out the front sides of the door. Tested it with paper to confirm it was actually blowing into my office, took a video, and then I looked up and saw the gate was closed, and the air had nowhere to go, but back at me.

Yep, I thought… Wow what a dummy I am! Glad to say that once the gate was opened, negative pressure reigned again.


Was this file ever made available?

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I love this! Hoping to recreate for our use. How did you attach the hose to the acrylic?

Click on the “vent.svg” link below the first message.

Wow, nice solution for a basic blast gate.

the vent hose is attached around the acrylic circles with the dryer hose tension clamps - the same way the hose is attached to the gf :slight_smile:


Aubry, i see you live in nyc like myself… watch out for little birds… because im doing the same lol