Blooms Strategy Game

I posted that this would be an easy project to design up - Project/gift idea - Blooms strategy game

So here it is! My wife and I have been enjoying it. Read more about the game here:

I also shared the design - see here.

And then I tried acrylic.


Such pretty colors on those woods! Looks great! :grinning:


I really like this and I’m not a game player. You’ve made it into a beautiful work of art as well as a game.


The different wood make it so beautiful!

Check out the acrylic image I added to the post!

The acrylic is cool, but i’m still a fan of the natural woods! Beautiful colors. :grinning:

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Definitely can’t beat the natural wood but I couldn’t resist trying acrylic with the need for color :). The thicker acrylic pieces are nice, though - I may have to dive into cutting thicker hardwood now.

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