Project/gift idea - Blooms strategy game

Christmas is coming up and this seemed like a great potential gift idea -

Blooms is a Go-like game played on a hexagon-shaped hex board. Read more about it and the rules here.

This is a new game and the designer is really excited about it, which has made me excited to try it out. I haven’t made a set myself yet, but I will be soon.

The game uses four different colors of pieces, so you could easily put together some colors of acrylic to get a bright set, or try and find the perfect combination of woods to get cool colors on the board.

You would want to include enough pieces of each color to cover a little more than half of the board.

If you make a set, show it off! :smiley:


This sounds really cool. I may have to make one just to placate the 10-year-old, who is deeply into games.

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You should check out the Paiko print-and-play I shared. It’s an AMAZING sort of chess-like game that 'forges up beautifully! See Paiko - Strategy Board Game Print-And-Play

And I’ll be sharing some Pai Sho designs soon Vagabond Pai Sho (try it at is also incredible.

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I made a set!


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