Blown away by the things I can make!

Wow that is awesome - my son plays multiple musical instruments one of his favorites is a Ukelele - it never would have occurred to me that we could make one on the glowforge. Going to have to do some research and try out - father/son project time. How long have you been making instruments?

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@tbaalman315…still looking in awe at what you’ve done. Will you tell me please what kind of wood / woods you used to make this ukulele ?

Thanks! I haven’t been making them long at all. I made my first one in September and have made 3 more since then improving the process along the way. I am currently working on a new one along with a build guide and video so I can sell my files on etsy for an acoustic concert ukulele. We will see how that goes.


Thanks! For this one, I used maple ply for the top and bottom and birch ply for the sides. The veneer on the sides is red oak. I haven’t made the leap into the proper tone woods yet due to cost. For all of other acoustics I have made, I just used birch ply for all of it.

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So beautiful! Very nice design and overall look!

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Awesome let me know when you are ready for Etsy I would happily support you in that. If you need any help with any of that process I am happy to.

WOW JUST WOW! You NEED to start making and selling these especially while Uke’s are still such a hot ticket item! Start with Etsy and work your way to a full fledged web business. I would gladly purchase one of these especially if made from Koa. Just gorgeous! Such talent! Please keep me in mind if you decide to make these to sell.



Would you be willing to share your file for the body base? This is a beautiful design!

I just posted my files in Etsy! I don’t know if I can post that link here, but here goes anyway! There is also an accompanying build video at It is not the resonator style, just a normal concert ukulele file.

Awesome! Thank you!