Booth Samples from the Shows



Could you provide any numbers on the samples that have been/are done at shows?

-Average run time per sample?
-Typical number of samples done per hour per machine?
-Quality/speed settings?

Any changes/improvements that have been made that would improve these stats?

Thank you!


At least at Maker Faire NYC they were cranking through in 5-7 minutes it felt like for the smaller tags (larger ones took longer). There was a several minute turnover between people. They told us it was nowhere near high quality, but I have to say, in the maple I got, it looks stunning (my son got walnut which also looked great). The ones we got were the luggage tags, if you look for in post on maker faire NYC you will see the link to the [PDF]( which had the templates for it which had the exact sizes.


Mine at Maker Faire Seattle took about 6 minutes and had a lot of detail. It was run at 235dpi (max is over 1000 - sorry, blanked on the actual number, but its been stated many times). Mine was walnut and looked great.


Mine took about 3.5 minutes I think.


Mine took about three minutes:


Mine took aver 7 minutes, but turned out really great. Here’s a recap I wrote in case it helps.


Those samples were running at 225 lines per inch. 1355 lines per inch is the max. Running time averaged about 5 min.


Oh - 2"*3" Proofgrade hardwood.


I can see where doing 225 lpi would make those projects under 5 minutes (to keep people interested and answer their questions), but how much cleaner or detailed would have 450 lpi or 900 lpi those same projects have been?

With those style of projects, would there have been a noticeable difference between a 450 versus a 900 resolution? Beyond the duration to make the projects at higher resolutions, how much difference will the recovery/reset for the Glowforge be by running projects at twice the lpi resolution?


Super high resolution doesn’t buy you much in wood, but makes a big difference in materials like anodized aluminum.