Breathing Easy

I keep reading how there’s really almost no smell during jobs… that it’s only after the job’s completed and the door’s opened.

Is there/Can there be an option to run the exhaust fan(s) for x minutes post-job?


It does - we may refine that even further.


Just got this advert today:

NEW Vanilla scented laserable Rubber Sheet only at Hobarts!

Hobarts is the sole UK distributor of vanilla rubber! You can order yours now for £3.85 per sheet (Exc VAT).
Standard laserable rubber was launched on the International market in 1998. In a span of over ten years standard laser rubber has won the trust and approval of Worldwide users. Standard laser rubber was the first in our product line and NOW we are very pleased to be the sole distributor for the UK of the NEW Vanilla scented rubber sheets!

Yes that is right, a laserable standard rubber sheet with a vanilla scent. No more nasty rubber smells when laser cutting and engraving!

Vanilla scented rubber properties:

• Vanilla scent when engraved
• Can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser
• Suitable for any type of stamp mounts
• Good for single colour and multi-colour stamps
• Alcohol and water based ink resistant
• Outstanding engraving and impression quality
• Budget friendly


Awesome find! I hope it is offered in the US at some point.

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LOL, I want one that smells like pot roast.


Glad to hear it! Will Proofgrade™ settings include specifics there? Like will particularly smelly materials automatically run the fans longer than materials that have little to no smell? (Frankly, I don’t care, I just find the detail that goes into Proofgrade settings to be interesting.)


Seems like it needs wait for it to fully spin pre-job as well. It always seems to start cutting a bit early and somebody mentioned it smelling at the start.


Or bacon.

Yeah, I’m that guy.


yeah that’s just called bacon, it works in the laser surprisingly well :v


Have to invent a laser technique that involves lasering anything … and a slice of bacon. Name it after you.

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How soon before they have “prank rubber” for your lasering friends… Smells like skunk or dirty diapers when lasering? LOL :grinning:


gonna put a box of this in the corner of it


In the hopper!

This too. Not a problem in the office where we use similar venting for all our machines, but when you increase or decrease the vent, it can take longer/shorter to spin up.


So this may be a little more difficult than the previous requests, but could definitely be useful, will there be access to any APIs or anything similar that would allow us to have an IoT controlled inline fan booster turn on only when the GF was running?

There are a number of IoT controllers that can turn devices on and off while the main device is running. For example my CNC machine has a connection to an IoT power switch that will turn on my shopvac/spindle as soon as the job starts, and turn them off as soon as it’s done.

Would be cool to have something like that for the GF


That’s a winner for the hopper. Any means of a switched circuit connection for a booster would be most welcome.

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Will put it in the hopper. In the mean time, you might investigate triggering on current draw from the main machine. As soon as the fans spin up, I suspect you could see it.


yeah those current-sensing switches were the first thing i thought of, given how a lot of dust collectors work. i was wondering if the base gf draw would be enough to trigger it or if it wouldn’t kick in until the laser powered on.

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I was thinking tap the 12v line with a 12vdc relay that switches 110v mains. That’s how I used to trigger my water cooling pumps pre 12v pumps for computers


Yet another possibility: something small and really lightly balanced in the air flow, with an optical interrupter switch.

It already smells like both of those at once ><