Broken on delivery. Please help

I brought my glowforge 2 years ago but got a new job at the same. So when it arrived broken I just never got around to fixing it. Now that I’m stuck in the house, I am trying to fix it. Please help me re connect the lip of the lid and the connector on the left side.

You have a couple of options…one will be to allow Glowforge to repair it for you. Since it’s now out of warranty, they will suggest that you ship it to the technicians to allow them to repair it, and it will probably run a few hundred dollars. (You’ll be charged for round trip shipping, the cost of replacement of the glass and recalibration to ensure that the machine works the way it was intended to.)

Or you can attempt to repair it yourself, there are discussions in the Beyond the Manual section that other people have had varying degrees of success with. One linked below:

You might do a search in the Beyond the Manual section to see if there are any others, just search for “glass fix”.

(Okay, now I’m just confused… if that was just the paint that chipped and the glass is intact, you can try to fix it yourself. If the glass is chipped in any way, send it in. That’s tempered glass and it will turn into a pile of gravel if the integrity of the glass is compromised, but the paint doesn’t matter. I can’t tell from the photos what happened there.)


@ekupping, I apologize for any scare that my previous response might have caused, from your photo it looked like the glass itself had broken. As long as it is intact, you can try your own repair. There is less stress on the front of the glass than there is on the hinge at the back, so you might be able to handle it yourself, but go a little easy on yanking the handle when you open it going forward if you do. :wink:

I would suggest a two part epoxy for the repair, I know some people have used E6000. I’m not sure that will set permanently enough, that’s just a suggestion. You might want to test a couple of different glues on a spare bit of glass first to see which one holds best for you.

The location of that sensor is shown below, and make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged when you connect it. I’m not sure if it is going to work or not, so you might decide you want to send it in anyway. But good luck either way.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the lid. Thank you for reaching out about this and posting those photos.

I have just reached out by email with the next steps to get this fixed. We’re going to continue to work on this with you there, so I’m going to close this thread.

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