Broken plastic track wheel - now what?

Our Pro is only 2 months old. Been working like a champ since we got it. Within the last week, I started to hear a thump, thump, thump every time it set focus. I did not, however, notice any weird cut lines or engraving issues. I’ve checked the side tracks for debris and have kept that track vacuumed and clean. Never saw anything or felt anything. This morning, it was really loud - only when it was doing to autofocus or centering. So I visually inspected each wheel. Finally saw a few lines on one and when I reached to feel it with my finger, a big chunk of the wheel fell off. Ugh.

How is this replaced? Do I need to send the whole unit back? Or is this wheel something we can swap our selves? I hope we can get this swapped out quickly so our production downtime is minimal.

Thanks for any feedback.


That’s going to require support to respond.

If you were out of warranty, you could source that part and replace it yourself if you are up to the task, but being new, it’s most likely going to require the machine be sent back for repair.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a failure like that. Those rollers are extremely common in all kinds of machines. It’s unfortunate, but also extremely unusual. I know that doesn’t help.

Offffff…that was what I was afraid of. I just don’t see how the heck one could get that wheel on without removing that whole arm. (easy to remove it when it’s in pieces and ready to burst apart!) The rest of the unit works so well…hate to have to swap it out or risk any new damage happening from shipping back and forth.

I agree on all counts.

Again, it doesn’t help you, but they have sold over 20,000 of these. They use at least 12 of those in each machine. They don’t manufacture the part. They’ve also gone to great lengths to protect the machines during shipping.

Oh I’m not at all bashing them. I get it…stuff happens. I was just hoping for an easier fix than shipping the unit out. We are quite pleased with our little work horse! And don’t want to risk something else happening if we can avoid it. :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry to hear about the broken wheel. Thank you for reaching out about this and posting those photos.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I have just reached out by email with the next steps to receive your warranty replacement. Once again, I’m so sorry about the bad news.