Broken Track Wheels

I’ve had my GF Pro for only a few months now and really havent used it too much. I uploaded a design to cut and noticed that it was not cutting straight. I suspected there may have been some debris on the track so I took off the laser head to investigate only to find that both track wheels were broken. Very disappointed that something like this happened so soon.

I read on another post that this is a problem that cannot be resolved remotely and I would likely have to send in the machine. Sucks because I didn’t realize that I needed to keep the original packaging until after the fact and disposed of most of it. Another thing that I noticed on that post is that the wheel that broke for that owner was made of a different material than mine. His wheels were clear and mine are solid black.

I have a resin printer and can print these wheels easily and im sure the repair isnt that difficult. Is there anyway to perform this repair myself without voiding my warranty? By the time I order new shipping packaging, wait to receive it, send it out for repairs, and get it back, I’m sure this will be at least a month of waiting. Especially with what is going on in the world today.

I will gladly upload the .stl file for the wheels and document my repair for others that are having this problem if I get the OK to do this myself and keep my warranty intact.

For those wheels I’m pretty sure you won’t have to send the machine back in…they can just send you a replacement carriage plate. The clear plastic ones are on the side rails, and those do require a trip back to the mothership.

Just wait to hear what support has to say about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, that looks like something you should be able to change out yourself.


Like Jules said, Glowforge may be able to send you some parts. Things have changed a good bit since the early days when there were no repairs you could perform without sending it in.

Failing that, while I can’t offer any specifics, I have the vague belief that those wheels are a fairly standard part used in all kinds of similar gantry machines, so it’s probably not hard to make or get the right one.


They are common and cheap, also easy to change out, but Glowforge has been sending out replacement carriage plates.


Thank you for the feedback guys! I’ll wait and see what support says. Will update when I get a response.

I’m so sorry you’ve run into trouble with your unit. Thank you for the detailed photos. The information the other community members shared is correct; we can get a replacement part sent out to you. I’m going to close this thread, and I’ll be in touch via email shortly with details and next steps.

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