Broken Tube Option

Hello. It appears my Basic unit’s tube broke and the coolant is outside of the inner tube. Unit is out of warranty. I saw some older posts from Dan about tube replacements. Is this option available yet or would I have to ship my unit to Glowforge and pay for a refurbished one?

The only option currently available is paying to exchange it for a refurbished unit. There was a short period of time where you could send it back to have the tube swapped, but there were a lot of problems with that so they scrapped the idea and switched to the current system of only exchanging them. (Essentially providing a trade-in discount on refurbished ones.)


To be fair, it’s supposed to be in that tube….its just missing an awful lot of it. It’s supposed to be so full, it forces all the air out and makes it basically impossible to see that it is in there.

Slight possibility is to figure out where it’s leaked from, repair it and refill it with “unicorn tears”. GF won’t confirm but there’s a mix someone offered up that most think the coolant is made of. Search that term and you should find it if you’re adventurous.

For everything else: what @tim1724 said.


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