Bug: GFUI shift-rotate angles off if shift pressed after rotate started

Just reporting this in case it’s not already filed as a bug:

If you rotate a shape in the GFUI, you can constrain the rotation to increments of 45 degrees by depressing and holding the Shift key down while rotating. However, if you start rotating and THEN click shift, the rotation will be in 45 degree increments offset from whatever rotation you had before the shift key was pressed.

Before some developer calls this a feature, I will point out that none of the major illustration/drawing/CAD programs work this way.


Yes! This has bugged me before but I was always mid-project and forgot by the time I came back here.

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Thanks! I had no idea the constraint thing existed at all. But this is definitely something to watch out for.

I’ve accidentally done that. A little odd as compared to other applications, but easily fixed by using the back arrow icons to get back to the original rotation, then shift and begin rotation.


This behavior has been reported by PRU users. It’s in the hopper.

My approach is to very carefully click on the end of the 'handle" and without moving your mouse click Shift. The hollow handle with turn solid, showing that the restraint is active and you’ll be able to rotate by 45s.


I hit Shift and then click.

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That works in every program I use except the GFUI – known ‘feature’ with Chrome (on Win10 & OS X, as well as Chromium on *nix and Chrome OS), reported and discussed with support. :wink:

EDITED: Don’t know when it changed, but as of 1:15 PM MST, I can now “properly” restrain rotation by clicking Shift, then clicking the rotation handle in Chrome on Win10.

Lesson learned – challenge what I think I know about the tools from time to time.

Btw, I can access the GFUI for this sort of testing without my GF turned on – I can do anything short of clicking “Print”


I could swear I shift first then click - but I can’t check because for the first time in a long time, I turned it off last night so I can’t get into the GFUI to try it. I’ll have to try tonight.

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Shift before click works for me, in both Chrome and Safari.


In Chrome, we used to have to click the handle, then click SHIFT, then drag.

I see they have fixed that bug now…I wish they’d mentioned it. I’ve been doing it the hard way. ROFL! :smile:


Them telling us what they change would take away the thrill of discovery though.

Telling us useful things like “We fixed shift-drag” or “We’ve increased the max focus height to 0.5 inches” would be nice. Especially in comparison to “We’ve added this to the sidebar [but not really because we’re posting from the future].”


Oh heck, at least we got the fix! :smile:
I won’t quibble about the notification since I’m still PRU testing. :wink:

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Not fixed - bug is still there, exactly as I reported it :slight_smile:

Different bug. :wink:

Ok, thanks. It would be great if GF would open their issue tracking system, so users could file issues, check for duplicates before filing, read the history and know when bugs are resolved. This is pretty common with open source software, which I know this technically isn’t, but still…


Thanks for all the feedback. I’ve shared it with the rest of the team.