Bug in UI? Multiple Items

I created three signs individually, then added all of them to a single project before importing into the GFUI.

I found that if I load the file with all 3 items, I only see the Engrave functions for each sign (no Cut functions).

If I load each file individually via Add Artwork, I get all three signs with the Engrave functions AND the Cut funtions…

I’m assuming this is some sort of bug since they are the same signs, simply copy/pasted into a single file.

I’m including the individual files and the single file with all three to demonstrate the issue…

signs.zip (94.3 KB)

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The file 134numbers.svg contains three bitmaps:


The blue border is part of the bitmap, not a separate vector shape. So there’s nothing that can be cut.


Oh wait…the blue line in the pic is the surrounding box for #4 in the single files.

If you look closely you will see the shape of the sign itself with the tab at the bottom to go into a LED base…

Also notice in both of my pictures on the left hand side you can see how the GFUI interpreted each…In the one photo it sees the cuts…in the other it does not.

@tim1724 pegged it… The file that has the multiples in it just has the bitmaps, it does not contain a separate vector cutline. (The blue line shaped like a rectangle with a tab at the bottom is part of the bitmap and it will engrave along with the text and numbers.)

Perhaps when you rasterized the file to create the bitmaps you accidentally included the cutting path as well.

(All you need to do is copy just the cutting path from one of the single SVG files over to the multiple file SVG, and then align it over each of the bitmaps, then save it again.)


Thanks everyone! I’m still not certain how it happened but at least I know how to work around it!


Thanks for your help @Jules and @tim1724

@scampa123 If you run into anything else, please post a new topic.